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I decided to observe and talk to the Senior Citizens that come into the recreation center, where I work, every morning, and get to know them a little better. Over the past couple of months I have really gotten to know some of them quite well. In fact now one of the ladies brings me something for breakfast everyday because she worries that I am not getting enough to eat since my mother passed away. I tell her that she doesn't need to or have to do that, but she insists. There is another lady named Bertie who is another very sweet lady. She had an accident not that long ago where she fell onto a rocking chair at her house and gouged out one of her eyes. She has recovered amazingly from that I was happy that she recovered so well. The seniors that come in are like additional grandparents to me. They love to talk and tell stories you just have to be willing and have the time to listen. They can go on for hours, and most of what they say is very interesting.What I learned about meFrom talking to these wonderful people I have learned so much. I have learned that if I work on it I can have a lot of patience. Some of them can be quite frustrating, but if I just smile and try to be as polite and understanding as possible things usually turn out pretty well. I have also learned that I have a friendly personality and that I like to listen to stories. I also learned that I am not afraid of older people. I also learned to really listen and not just pretend to listen, because sometimes they do know what they are talking about.What I learned about othersI learned that older people have feelings too. I learned that older people could be a lot like children in...

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