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Aging Population In The News Essay

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By the year 2050, for the first time in history, the population of those 60 and older will outnumber the population of those aged 15 and younger (Gelineau, 2013). What does this mean for the nation? What does this mean for the world? But, most importantly what does it mean for those that are aging without the needed resources from the countries they live, as the global study issued by the United Nations in 2013 describes (Zaidi, 2013). Due to various technology advancements and the older generations learning to better take care of themselves, the aging population is growing at an exponential rate. The report further documents that with the aging population growing and the younger ...view middle of the document...

For purposes of this paper, only the education calculations will be analyzed, as the remainder of the report is quite lengthy. Each country is ranked and given a value, both overall and within each domain. With 100 being the ideal value, each country falls below that in rank. The USA ranks 2 with a 76.6 value below Norway at 1. Zaidi (2013) does state the report takes into account the statistical significance of a 10-point difference between values. Therefore, the 10 point significance between USA of 76.6 value and Japan value of 66.3 would be considered significant and provide an opportunity for future research in a gap in progress towards the older population. With the maximum value of 79.9 and minimum value of 20.9 and a mean of 53.2 of educational attainment and a standard deviation of 13.7, there is no margin of errors given. Therefore, with a total population estimated at 809,000,000 with 11% of that population at 60 years and older that would be approximately 88,990,000. According to Zaidi (2013) nearly 89% of that population was considered for this report, and according to Bennett (2014) the calculation would equate to a population of 79, 201,000 giving a margin of error at .01.
Though there are a multitude of...

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