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Agree/Disagree Analytical Paper: If I Never Found The Right Partner, I Would Still Want To Parent Alone, Through Adoption, Artificial Insemination, A Surrogate Or Some Other Means.

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What is adoption? Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other than the birthmother or birthfather. An adoption order has the effect of severing parental responsibilities and rights and transferring those responsibilities and rights to new adoptive parents. After the finalization of an adoption, there is no legal difference between adopted children and those born to the parents. And that means who adopted the children has the same responsibilities as their birthmother or father to take care of them. There are many reasons why someone would want to adopt a child. Perhaps a couple cannot conceive and bear children themselves. In other cases, a family wishes to share their lives with a child with special needs. As an increasing number of children are living in foster care, on the streets, and waiting at childcare agencies, an increasing number of unmarried adults are choosing to become parents through adoption. In my point of view, if I never found the right partner, I would still want to parent alone through adoption because having a kid is a good experience to both the parents and to the children.Adoption provides the child a good environment to grow up. With increasing numbers of children in foster care needing adoption services, single parents are stepping in to provide homes. The reasons which drive single parents to take action is because they understand children need love, nurturing, and stability to growth, and productive adults are available to do this. “A survey released earlier this year by Minnesota’s Department for Families and Children’s Services shows that men consider child care to be far more important than n handsome paycheck. Out of 600 dads surveyed, a majority said their most important role was to ‘show love and affection’ to kids. ‘Safety and protection’ came next, ‘moral guidance,’ tak[ing] time to play’ and ‘teaching and encouraging.’ ‘Financial care’ finished last.” (Course reader, p.304). According to this survey, we can see that providing love to kid is a very important concept. As long as there is love, adequate supervision, structure, and consistency a child raised by a single parent can grow to be just as successful and healthy as any other. Friends, relatives, money and sheer effort can help substitute for the missing spouse.Also alike having a child is the natural ability to parent. Many single people have the talent and skills to raise children and they simply don't have a spouse. The reason why they want to have children is because it is a moral worth (In Sickness & In Health: Illness & Relationships lecture, 10-15-2008). Being a child parent is an opportunity to do a selfless act in terms to put the needs of the children ahead of their own. This is a self practice to satisfy ourselves in order to raise a child. By then, we can gain personal experience in opportunity to love children and,...

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