Agree Or Disagree: "President Truman Did Not Take Effective Action To Prevent The Spread Of Communist Influence Following World War Ii."

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After World War II, the Soviet Union emerged as a great Communist Power with wide influences and many people blamed Truman for not taking effective action to prevent the fall of China and Korea to the Communist control. After failed results from appeasing the Soviets, it was understood that communism would expand relentlessly whether Russia was communist or tsarist. Thus Truman formed many alliances and gave aid to the non-communist countries to help promote the containment (of communism) policy. In this way, Truman prevented communism from expanding any further. The first alliance enacted by Truman was the United Nations, which replaced the League of Nations. It was stronger than the League of Nations for it included all major powers and was authorized to use military force to stop aggression. The Security Council consisted of the major 5 powers were Britain, France, China, Russia and the United States, who could all veto UN actions and an assembly was controlled by 12 other countries on two years terms. This assembly debated on many issues and gave the smaller countries a voice of their own. Under the U.N, the National Court of Justice was established and a Secretary of Bureaucracy and a Secretary of General who carry out the actions of the U.N. It also formed many specialized organizations such as UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), and WHO (World Health Organization). This organization helped solved many problems and gave these countries a strong alliance against communism. Truman also provided a great amount of European relief to prevent any future risings of communism. Many displaced person tents were set up to provide Medicare, food, housings and organizations to help relocate the D.Ps. Truman also cut the tariffs to increase World Trade and to help each country economically recover while also strengthening the bond of the trading countries in their defense against communism. A World Bank was created to give loans to undeveloped countries. However all of Europe has been shattered and with the economic depressions, communist leaders began to rise and so George C Marshall in June of 1948 proposed the Marshall Plan, which would provide European countries all the aid they needed to get back on their feet and the United States would pay for it. Congress consented and 17 billion of dollars was assigned to it and it was a great success of within 4 years, Europe did get back on her feet and communist leaders lost support. Communism was prevented in expansion. At the Yalta Conference, it was decided that Germany and Berlin would be divided into 4 zones and the Allied Control Commission met each day to arrive at a common policy but then disagreement arouse when Russia demanded to dismantle all of Germany's factories and relocate them in Russia so Russia could receive reparations from war. However United States stood fast against this decision for they...

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