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The purpose of this investigation is to determine if there is a difference between the median agreeableness score of females to the median agreeableness score of males according to data collected from the results of people who chose to take the Big 5 Personality test on a publicly accessible site.
I chose to investigate the agreeableness score because when I took the online personality test this is the trait in which I scored the highest on so I was interested in
The data is sourced from the online “Big 5 Personality Test” and is a random sample from the results from people who chose to take the test on a publicly accessible website.
The agreeableness score is the score of agreeableness on ...view middle of the document...

They also tend to be more optimistic of human nature and believe people are honest and trustworthy. An individual who is disagreeable put their own interests above getting along with others and tend to be unconcerned about others, so are not willing to compromise with others. They are more sceptical of others motives so they can come across as suspicious, unfriendly and uncooperative.
Agreeable people are more popular than disagreeable people but they are not very good at making tough or objective decisions. Disagreeable people can be good scientists, critics or soldiers. Agreeableness encompasses the traits which relate to being unselfish, such as empathy and kindness. It is the tendency to be more cooperative, maintain social harmony and consider the concerns of others. Women have been shown to consistently score higher than men on agreeableness.
A study showed that people high in agreeableness are more emotionally responsive in social situations and this is evident among women. Another study showed that people high in agreeableness are better at controlling their negative emotions such as anger in conflict situations and are able to use more constructive approaches when in conflict.
Women are more agreeable as they are more pleasant, empathetic and supportive. They are more concerned for others as they are more nurturing. Agreeableness can also be related to gender roles and society as we see women are responsible for the more social parts of life such as birth, death, charity etc.
Being more agreeable benefits our health, family and the environment. Parents who are more agreeable are more responsive and supportive to their child’s needs and children result in being more agreeable. A less agreeable individual is associated with greater increases in their BMI throughout their lifespan. People who are more agreeable are more likely to value the protection of the environment and conservation of electricity.
Based off my research and own personal opinion, I think that that back in the population of people who chose to take the online Big 5 personality test the median agreeableness score of females will be higher than the median agreeableness score of males.

Central Tendency
The median agreeableness score of females is 4.1 compared to the median agreeableness score of males is 3.7 so there is a difference of 0.4. This means that the median agreeableness score of females is approximately 10% higher than the median agreeableness score of males. My research backs this up as studies have shown that women consistently score higher than men as women tend to be more nurturing and pleasant. With my research backing up my findings it seems reasonable to say that this would tend to be the case back in the population. Women are considered to be the more agreeable gender and this is emphasised through their gender roles as they tend to put others before themselves and are generally the main caregiver of children.

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