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xxx - xxx agreement20 may is to be represented as: xxx solutions solutions ltd's address is: clear water with an operations office at: p.o. box 54087, ga 30021, usadone3.section 1.1: what is the xxx alliance program restricted use license addendum?removed from the agreement4.section 1.2: please note that the only correct spelling of xxx o. & m. company ltd, is: xxxnoted5.section 1.3: xxx materials should exclude computer programs including source code developed for xxx clientsdone6.section 1.3: for projects or products requiring licensing, xxx will be the default authorized licensee7.section 1.3: for developed or customized products, xxx will own the source codedone8.section 2.1: what is meant by partner category and partner level?9.section 2.2: what is meant by a non-binding action plan here?a memo or a discussion between xxx and xxx of action items. example, the road show is a non-binding action plan.10.section 3.1: suggest the term be 3 yearschanged11.section 3.2: this is not acceptable, nor beneficial for either party, as it stands. xxx or xxx may make significant investments in the partnership and one or both parties would stand to lose significant investment should the partnership dissolve or be terminated by one party. neither party should be able to terminate the agreement until it expires, unless there is a breach of contract. in the latter case, we should resort to arbitration, not termination of contractdone12.section 3.3: again, xxx materials should include xxx client source code or software licensed by xxx for client usedone13.section 4: we suggest that either party may use the name, logo or reference of the other party without written approvaldone14.section 6.1: project-specific warranties should be in the...

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North American Free Trade Agreement: Nafta

1615 words - 6 pages creation versus trade diversion. The difference is if high cost domestic producers are replaced by low cost producers within the trade area then trade creation occurs. If trade diversion occurs, it would have a major impact on consumer prices. This practice is evident in the textile industry and will be discussed later. History of NAFTA      In 1988, the United States and Canada agreed to enter into a free trade agreement

Ultra-Orthodox Deviation from the Status Quo Agreement & Subsequent Discrimination

1719 words - 7 pages The Status Quo Agreement also provided for the guarantee of intra-Jewish marriage in order to preserve the future bond between Jews in Israel. Though marrying within Judaism has always been a staple of the culture, the prospective influx of non-Jews into the state would surely complicate the assurance of Jews only marrying other Jews. In the Agreement, Ben-Gurion conceded to the Ultra-Orthodoxy by declaring the Jewish government “will do all

The Joint Africa/EU Strategy: Analysis of a Common Agreement

1282 words - 5 pages 1. Working title The Joint Africa-EU Strategy: Analysis of a common agreement 2. Summary and Outline of Topic With the signing of the Lisbon Treaties in 2007, the EU and the African Union (AU) decided in the ‘Joint Africa-EU Strategy’ (JAES) to further strengthen the co-operation between both continents. “The purpose of this Joint Strategy is to develop a political vision and practical approaches for the future partnership between

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in E-Commerce

4361 words - 17 pages General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in E-Commerce The US is seeking to extend the duty-free status of international online transactions to protect the development of global electronic commerce, the Clinton administration said yesterday. Susan Esserman, deputy US trade representative, said the US wanted the World Trade Organization to agree "at the earliest possible date" to extend the current moratorium on customs duties for


7121 words - 28 pages CarlsbergMalawi LimitedPo BOX 406Blantyre,Malawi==========================================================DISTRIBUTORSHIP AGREEMENTTHIS AGREEMENT is made on the ……………………… of …………………Two thousand and ………………….. BETWEEN CARLSBERG MALAWI LIMITED of P O Box 406, Blantyre, Malawi and

The European Union (EU) vs the North American Free Trade Agreement

3368 words - 13 pages The European Union (EU) vs the North American Free Trade Agreement Introduction The European Union (EU) is the organization which integrates the countries listed below, both politically and economically. It is a customs union, which is an agreement amongst a group of countries to eliminate trade barriers between them on the movement of goods, services, labor and capital, and also to establish a common external tariff on goods and

Troubles in Northern Ireland from the Battle of Boyne to the Good Friday Agreement

1688 words - 7 pages itself from Belfast, which has caused again more controversy. In conclusion Northern Ireland has always been very controversial and has never been able to sort itself out. It has always been plagued with problems and no agreement will ever be sort out in Northern Ireland unless peace is called between the IRA, the British and the Irish. I think that the most important event in Northern Ireland’s history is the battle

Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

1093 words - 4 pages Trade Agreement; this agreement will remove most barriers to trade and investment among the countries. We also called the FTA to the Regional Trade Agreement, because usually the FTA contracted among the close regional countries: for example, EU and NAFTA. The special feature on the FTA is that among the members remove trade barriers and tariff, bur for the nonmembers, they apply different tariff to each countries. The beginning of the

The Women's Agreement

1403 words - 6 pages of our modern time may use Lysistrata to paint a picture of how the Greeks sought comedy in their ancient times. The play can be used for some many different purposes and that is part of the beauty of literature. Aristophanes’ original work was meant to entertain an audience of ancient Greece, but the translations allow for the play to a timeless part of history. Although the works of different translators in different time periods make all

Reaching an Agreement

681 words - 3 pages In the workplace, disagreement or arguments may arise due to several reasons. This can further result into a state of antagonism or opposition, resentment, avoidance, verbal assaults, and inability to work together. Such may arise due to personality clashes, differences in style, differences in leadership, interdependence conflicts and differences in the background or gender. With reference to the conflict between Norm and Norma, disagreement

Hockey Collective Bargaining Agreement.

1008 words - 4 pages years in length with the NHLPA having the option to re-open the agreement after Year Four the NHLPA also has the choice of extending the CBA for an additional year at the end of the term. ( players' share will be 54% to the extent League revenues in any year are below $2.2 billion; 55% when League revenues are between $2.2 billion and $2.4 billion; 56% when League revenues are between $2.4 billion and $2.7

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3287 words - 13 pages The Anglo-Irish Agreement The Anglo-Irish agreement, 1985, this was agreed between Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Irish Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald. Between 1980 and 1984, the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher held regular meetings with Taoiseach Charles Haughey and then Garrett Fitzgerald. Both governments were concerned about continuing the violence with the IRA and about the

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2718 words - 11 pages In the last twenty years, the economy of the capitalist world has been influenced by two trends; one is neoliberalism, an expansion of “laissez-faire” and the other is globalization, defined as the trade of products to make them accessible worldwide. The Dominican Republic is a model of a mixed economy recently showing signs of globalization resulting from a tendency towards this sector such as the free trade agreement, the DR-CAFTA

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1543 words - 7 pages The Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916 and Lawrence of Arabia The Sykes-Picot Agreement was an agreement that was concluded in May of 1916, by two British and French diplomats, Sir Mark Sykes and Georges Picot. The Agreement regarded the partition of the Ottoman Empire once The First World War had ended. It effectively split the area known as Asia-Minor into a ‘’British sphere of influence’’ and a ‘’French sphere of influence’’. While these territories

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5814 words - 23 pages Throughout history, negotiation has been a powerful tool used by world leaders to avoid violence and solve conflict. When negotiation succeeds all parties can feel that that have achieved their goals and met their expectations, but when negotiations go awry countries and relationships can be damaged beyond repair. The Munich Agreement of 1938 is a primary example of this type of failure, which was one of the catalysts to the start World War II