Agression In Males Essay

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The case study "Songs My Mother Taught Me" discusses a boy named Charles who at first glance, looks like an ordinary, nice, charming young man. However his appearance is only skin deep, one would never assume just by looking at him that he is a cold -blooded killer. In a random town, on a random day, A door to door sales girl came to Charles' home selling religious materials. Ten minutes later she was dead; bludgeoned on the head with a hammer, stabbed sixty nine times in the chest, and raped. A horrible crime committed by a horrible person. Maybe, maybe not.After Charles committed the horrific act he left he apartment and went out to get some ice cream as if nothing had happened. Later he turned himself in to the police with a nonchalance that seemed eerily out of place.The crime that Charles committed was a terrible one at that, but why? Why would some one do such a thing and seem to have no emotion about it what so ever? Why would someone so young, someone, who seemed to have their whole life ahead of them, bludgeon, stab, and then proceed to rape a corpse? To get the answers to these questions we must try to understand Charles and see what the drive is behind his homicidal tendencies.Charles himself has been the victim of some gruesome crimes. From the time of his birth he was not a wanted child, he had been placed in and out of orphanages and institutions for his entire young life. In these institutions he had been severely beaten, scolded, punished, and at times sexually abused. He received no personal attention, no love, warmth, or affection. Charles was treated like an animal, and later he learned to behave like one. It was not long before Charles learned how to protect himself, after years of being the recipient of an amazing amount of brutality, he began to associate himself with is tormentors. As he grew he began to become more and more cynical, and his heart began to fill with hatred. Charles began to do to others what was done to him. He would seek out the weak, conquer and destroy. Charles became an afflictor and delighted in giving pain.During these years away Charles saw his mother very infrequently. Sometimes she would come for birthdays and holidays, and other times there were visits to her home, always rushed and hurried. At this point in his life Charles became an emotional cripple.To understand the motivation behind Charles' aggressive nature we can look at the theories of five prominent Psychoanalysts: Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Albert Bandura, B.F Skinner, And John. B. Watson.By analyzing these theories using Charles' case study, hopefully a better understanding of his actions will appear.Freud wrote a book on hysteria that explains the theory that "every hysteria is the result of a traumatic experience, one that cannot be integrated into the person's understanding of the world. The emotions appropriate to the trauma are not expressed in any direct fashion, but they do not simply go away. They express themselves in...

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