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Agricultural Industry Lipton Tea Essay

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2.3 Best and Worst Practices
The UK Market and the French Market
One of the largest and biggest market for Unilever dominated by their brand PG Tips comprised a market worth of £850 million. Unilver’s research outcome suggested that the average profile of a consumer in this market is well aware of the issues surrounding sustainability and has moderate knowledge of what it means to be sustainable while doing your business, but are unwilling to pay a bigger price for sustainable products. Since the main aim for their sustainable products was to deliver a product that is sustainable but will not have a change in price on the shelves helped the marketing strategy developers in Unilever to ...view middle of the document...

Initially their efforts in launching the campaign failed due to the consumers dislike of packaging rather that concern for sustainability issue.

3. Concluding Remarks/ Suggestions
In terms of evaluating the sustainability approach Lipton has carried out their business with the purpose of being socially responsible while creating profits we can start by assessing their innovative way of thinking and the bold approach into changing the agricultural practices. Lipton brand had managed through its CSR strategy to present itself in the minds of the consumers as a loyal and ethical brand by that gaining the trust of the consumers and experiencing growth in the market place. Whilst creating a positive and strong image of its company managed to successfully implement a innovative strategy fostering change in the agricultural system and helped protect the farmers while encouraging environmental conciseness at the same time from its consumers. With their certification by the Rainforest Alliance Lipton tea had started the beginning of the change and innovative developments in the tea sector.

Had successfully demonstrated that it is not impossible to be socially responsible and still create profit by helping millions of households to have better quality of life and improved their sense of security. However , the future recommendation for Lipton tea is of course to improve their marketing strategy in terms of what is their competitive advantage now and what it will be in the future given that their competition is quickly climbing the same stairs they claimed upon only a year faster and to really think whether 100% sustainable tea will be enough of a brand image to keep their costumers when by the year of 2020 that is, the year they have targeted to achieve complete sustainability will be enough given that all agricultural products would ultimately need to be sustainably derived consisting of the packaging and paper a well and how much of an effort would they need to make this possible before someone else does, since sustainability is their angle of competitive advantage and if they still want to be placed as the most ethical in twenty years from now, they need continues innovative ideas to keep up with their great innovative start.


Agribusiness, Corporate Social Responsibility and Transnational Labor Relations: A review, Gonzalez-Perez, McDonough and...

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