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Agriculture Essay

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introduction: 168 words
My ISP topic is agriculture because I like science and I find farming and ranching interesting. I also wanted to find the many interesting uses of our food such as corn wheat and sometimes its not even food. Cotton and other foods can be used for clothes and some everyday needs I wanted to find out more. I don’t really know that much stuff i just know names of food and crops. I wanted to know how we harvested the crops and what we used, I wanted to know how Agriculture affects our economy, I also wanted to know what the origins of agriculture was, and Agriculture’s history. I wanted to know more about the different types of plants and animals we used ...view middle of the document...

a suction system made it easier to milk cows, a suction pumps milk into a storage system. Hay balers cut hay into square or round bales. These are some of the tools or machines that farmers and ranchers used.
Question 2: 210 words
This question is about the impact of the Agricultural revolution it was also known as the Neolithic revolution, there was also a British Agricultural Revolution in Great Britain turnips replaced fallow and labor inputs were higher and output of livestock due to more intensive farming. and a Arab Agricultural Revolution in Islamic islands arabic people adapted to many new fruits such as citrus fruit and other plants from India and changes for the Economy, population distribution and vegetation cover. Agrochemicals or fertilizer were and have improved plant breeding has improved and also technology has been applied to help production and to find new ways to farm in the Agricultural Revolution. Ancient Egyptians used threshers and that has improved in the Agricultural Revolution. Romans used a harvesting mechanic that has been improved. Animals used to be used in most inventions or required animals now people in the Agricultural Revolution...

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