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The career that I want to major in is Agriculture Business and management. The reason why I want to major in Agriculture Business is because agriculture is an important aspect of every society for its social, economic, and environmental growth. I first heard of this career from my agriculture advisors, at Westminster High School’s farm, when I was being shown a list of jobs and careers that involved agriculture. I was interested in this career because I have a general interest in agriculture and farming, which is a fundamental part of human life, and to be able to get into a career that is involved in agriculture is an amazing opportunity.
The responsibilities of an Agricultural Business Manager is, “to ensure that the production and distribution of produce, grain, or livestock abides by government and environmental regulations at the best rate of profit” (Education-Portal 1). The duties when working in Agriculture Business and Management are, “to oversee farming production, select seeds for planting season and buying farm equipment, lease land from a landowner and operate it as a working farmer, manage day-to-day activities of one or more farms, ranches, or corporations, but mainly their duty is to focus on the business aspects of running a far” (Bureau of Labor Statistics 1). Being in Ag. Business and Management leads to many connections to other professions such as: “farm/home management advising, being an agriculture and food scientist, an agriculture professor, international marketing director, soil conservationist, livestock yard attendant, beekeeper, dairy farmer, aqua culturist, and a stockbroker and financial services sales agent” (Montana 1). According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “the consolidation of privately owned farms into larger operations over the next decade will result in an increased demand for the expertise of Agricultural business managers thereby increasing its popularity” (1). “Agricultural managers direct the activities of one of the world’s largest and most productive agricultural sectors. They produce enough food and fiber to meet the needs of the United States and for export” (student scholarships 1).
High school required classes to take in order to reach the career requirements are intro to agriculture, intro to agriculture economics, and computer science. The classes that Westminster High School has that are considered requirements are: intro to agriculture, computer science, agriculture mechanics, veterinary science, intro to business, economics, leadership. And FFA (club/organization). All the post high school courses needed are: “Ag. Economics, agribusiness management, accounting I and II, environmental law and economic policy, agricultural marketing, financial management, human resource management, microeconomics, economics and business statistics, U.S. Ag. Policy, intro to agribusiness, applied ecology, managerial accounting or cost accounting, intro to computer applications,...

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