Agrippina The Younger And Hilary Clinton: A Comparison Of Their Influential Reigns

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Final- Comparative study on Agrippina the Younger and Hilary ClintonAgrippina the Younger, daughter to the favoured Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder, and Hilary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady of the United States, shared similar backgrounds and exerted a similar degree of influence over the political decisions employed by the men in their lives. Both were also equally instrumental in breaking traditional ideals of women and emerged as powerful figures in their own right. Born in 15AD, Agrippina led an early life of turbulence and misfortune. It was during this time that she witnessed the deaths of many of her family members and was also subjected to malevolence from her brother Caligula when he became the emperor after Tiberius in 37BC. It was after being brought back from exile under Caligula's orders that Agrippina's life began to strive not only physically but also politically. Unlike Agrippina's early life, America's Hilary Clinton began her political campaign at a very early age which automatically guided her later career as a health and children's rights activists but more importantly, her life as the First Lady of the United States of America when her husband Bill Clinton became the president in 1992. Born in 1947 in Chicago to Hugh and Dorothy Rodham, Clinton led a very successful political career despite being involved in numerous scandalous hurdles. It was during the years that Hilary was First Lady that she exemplified similar characteristics to that of Agrippina's reign, in that she was considerably powerful in influencing the decision for the president and eventually became the most powerful woman in America. Both these women steadily worked up the political ladder to be remembered as two of the most influential and celebrated women in all of history.Both Agrippina the Younger and Hilary Clinton shared a similar background and knowledge of their nation's politics, however, due to the era in which they were living, a number of distinctions are clearly evident. Agrippina had extraordinary family connections that were unmatched by any other female in Roman History. She was the great-granddaughter of the emperor Augustus, granddaughter by adoption to the emperor Tiberius, sister of the emperor Caligula, wife and niece of the emperor Claudius and, finally was the mother of the emperor Nero (Lawless, 1997). Ancient historian Tacitus, who wrote some 20 years after Agrippina's reign, goes on to say that "to this day Agrippina remains unique as the daughter of a great-commander and the sister, wife and mother of emperor's." In 28AD, at 13 years old, Agrippina married Ahenobarbus, 'a man who in every aspect of his life was utterly detestable', according to ancient historian Suetonius who in fact wrote more than 70 years after Agrippina death. In December 37AD Agrippina gave birth to their only child Nero, who was one day going to grow up to become an emperor of Rome. When Nero was three years old, his father died and he was left one third...

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