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What would happen if farmer’s fields didn’t grow according as planned? How would America get it’s precious food? Thank goodness for agronomist’s. Agronomist work hard work hard to make sure a farmer’s fields are at the peak of their performance. Agronomist’s work with crops, soils, and improving the environment (
“Everyday, everyone is affected by agronomy. The food you eat, the coffee you drink, the ethanol-based gas in your car, the grass on the golf course, the natural fibers of the clothing you wear-are all products of agronomy and the work of agronomists.”(Illinois State University) An agronomist even finds the best way to plant and harvest any source of food. Agronomy ...view middle of the document...

The average agronomist once he or she has finished school and holds a steady agronomist job can expect to make between forty and eighty thousand dollars a year. Many jobs are available through federal, state, local government, and universities. Sometimes agronomists can find a paid internship through a local seed company such as Becks, Dekalb, Pioneer, and Monsanto. Also you can find an internship with a local fertilizer company such as Equity, Millers, and FS. Finding these internships can be very helpful while continuing education. Agronomists must sign a contract with this company that they got their internship from for several years (Illinois State).
Agronomists have to be ready to work in any condition for any given day. Those conditions could be muddy, dusty, windy, or rainy. Agronomists can one day could work in a lab or a mill to the next day working on a five hundred acre farm in the middle of nowhere. Agronomists must be able to communicate with a future client and help him get the most out of his fields. An agronomist must be able to work with confidence , have an outgoing personality, be able to negotiate, and be responsible for his or her actions (FFA Agronomist).
There are a lot of cool facts about agronomists. Agronomists can sell their ideas to a company to improve future growth of plants. Many...

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