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Tips For Working In A Restaurant Environment

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It’s your first day working as a server at a famous local restaurant. You’ve learned about the job’s regulations and policies at the orientation and found some helpful tips in the employment handbook. During your orientation, your manager talks about choosing an employee of the month every month and sometimes that special employee receives a bonus. Now you’re curious on how you will go about that since everyone you are going to work with, will follow the required rules given at the orientation and the handbook so it’s possible for anyone to be employee of the month. To stand out, you must develop different techniques that will help make your work easier and more rewarding in the end of each shift. The orientation was helpful, but you must develop your own special working habits that will always keep you on track.
When working in a restaurant environment, making a good impression every time you work is very important. The number one key into making a good impression is to always keep a graceful smile on your face no matter what situation you’re in to show everyone around you that you’re excited to work and is prepared to work hard. Also smiling shows the customers that you’re happy to be their server and it will give the customers a good reason to dine there again. And that will help increase sales which is always a plus. Another technique that is always helpful to make a good impression is to always greet your guests, co-workers, and manager in a proper manner. Whenever someone walks in that door or approaches you, start off with a pleasant “hello” and try to make small conversations such as “How are you today?” or “Welcome back, it’s great to see you again” to ensure comfort-ability between you and that person. This will show them that you’re confident in your position and it is always nice to develop friendships. A very important thing you should do when working in a restaurant or even anywhere, is to always arrive to work on time or at least 5 minutes early. This will inform your manager that you’re always prepared to work. Also having perfect attendance will stand out in your resume and will give the next job you apply for a good first impression of you. They will also see this as a great work quality which can increase your chance at getting hired.
Being able to work independently at a restaurant is important, but knowing how to work as a team player is too. It is always a great idea to ask your co-workers or manager if they need help when you’re free. If you’re finished with your work early, don’t just stand there, but ask if anyone needs help. Go out of your way to help a co-worker even if they don’t ask for help. If you see that they are busy, just walk over and help them to avoid any customer’s complaints or any stress that may develop upon your co-worker due to pressure. For example, if you notice that your co-worker seems to be behind and don’t have time to refill drinks or stop by a table to ask if the customers are doing okay,...

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