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Ahmed Ahmed Essay

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One having power and control over fate would be ones most impossible quest. The Odyssey, composed by Homer, shows how mankind is always under the mercy and leniency of fate, which was expressed through Odysseus. One can only make a choice and hope that the consequences are fated to suit one. His struggles were external and internal. One would never plan struggles in their fate if one was able to manage it, yet, fate is full of struggles. Odysseus had no power over his fate and needed a prophecy so he can withstand the struggles and suffering fated for him, therefore, the management of fate is just a myth.

Fate could be ones destructible enemy or ones beloved friend. If fate ...view middle of the document...

This suffering was by choice, but the choice led to consequences. To elaborate, since Odysseus was worried about his family and home, he chose to reach Ithaca. This then led him to facing his destructible fate. Every choice; no matter how small; internal or external; will have consequences that are fated.

Odysseus struggled throughout his whole life, not knowing why his fate was planned that way. Having no control over it, Odysseus continued to endure the struggle. “Just as I have come from afar, creating pain for many—men and women across the good green earth—so let his name be Odysseus…the Son of Pain, a name he’ll earn in full”(XIX, 460-464).Odysseus earned his name by Autolycus(Odysseus’s grandfather) who caused pain to others. In the quote, Autolycus is saying that pain is somehow in Odysseus’s blood and he can never change that. This quote explains why Odysseus is laying on the dying flam of his youth. “Then and there unlucky Odysseus would have met his death—against the will of fate—but the bright-eyed one inspired him yet again. Fighting out from the breakers pounding toward the coast, out of danger he swam on” (V, 479-484). This quote shows that Odysseus is fated to reach Ithaca but his fate will not be fulfilled if he was not who he is. The two quotes stated above state that Odysseus’s fate is tied up with his character; therefore, he has no type of control over it. It has been planned since the day of his birth. Odysseus had to wait until he was challenged by the fated during his life.

Odysseus was not the only great character who many thought was able to control his fate. As many say, Achilles did make a choice and did know the consequences of each; nevertheless, he...

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