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Comparison: Art Institute And Le Cordon Bleu

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There are many things about high school that people look forward to. Some of the things is getting out of middle school, feeling like you are reaching the top of mount everest where the top is the senior year, graduation year. Even though it is a new experience having homework every night everyone pushes through it all because they are all trying to reach the same goal. The top, graduating. When senior year finally comes you feel successful, because, you have reached the top. But not full, the top of the mountain is reaching the very tip of it, and that is graduation day. When you get your cap and gown and have a graduation party afterwards. Or in some cases before graduation day. Some people will have an idea for what they want to do and or be after they graduate. And others don’t fully know and are still trying to get ahold of themselves for deciding what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. Some will be heading to college. The others will be taking life on right out of the gate and jump straight into a full time job. Which in some cases isn’t such a bad idea going to a full time job instead of going to college. For some graduating students their path that they are thinking on going is Culinary Arts school. Because they want to become a chef or some sort of a cook when they grow up. For those people with that dream there are a few schools that are good for teaching you how to be a well rounded cook. One of the schools name is Le Cordon Bleu, the other is called the Art Institute for Culinary Arts. Both schools are good but there are some things that people will be looking at to decide exactly where to go. Some of the information that they will be looking for is the tuition like, expenses, and financial aid. Other things that they might be looking at would be, student amenities, location, student activities and job placement.
Most average students will need help paying for college. So a very important thing for students to look at is how much the college costs totally so that they can get enough money to pay for everything. For The Art Institute two year college degree for art of cooking it is $20,370. If someone is looking for a four year college degree in Culinary Arts it would be $43,650. For someone looking to go to Le Cordon Bleu for a two year degree in culinary arts along with baking and pastries it would cost them $37,050 and for a four year degree in culinary management it would cost them $49,600. That is only the price to go to the college for a two or a four year degree. Along with just the tuition to go to the school there are also costs such as room and board, text books, and online text books. For Le Cordon Bleu they do not have on campus living for their students but they do help the students find housing near by, or recommend places to go talk to. The cost of textbooks and other lab fees and everything dealing with what you are going to college for is included in the tuition price for Le Cordon Bleu. On the...

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