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Aid For Africa Essay

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The world, actually the land, is continuously moving and this is how continents occurred. With the occurrence of continents, continents’ and afterwards countries’ geographies were identified. At first, the geographical locations did not seem significant to people. However, when the discoveries began to arise and led to the Age of Discovery, geographies of countries started to shape the economic status. Nevertheless, geography was not the only factor that affects countries’ and even continents’ status. Fidelity to human rights, democracy; diplomatic, social and economic issues, harmony within the public occupied an important place during the process of developing, too. Considering all the ...view middle of the document...

Thirdly, every crime deserves a punishment; hence, offences should be charged without any exception. Bearing in mind the fact that plenty of crimes in Africa, including sexual assaults are not punished, impunity should be prohibited with required aids in Africa. In essence, considering the vulnerable justice in Africa, affluent countries and unions should help by aiming to maintain democracy, preventing sexual violence and impunity.
Moreover, rich nations and institutions should come to Africa’s assistance economically by reinforcing business, agriculture and education. Initially, more job opportunities should be supplied for African people because unemployment is a serious threat against business and economy. By the time Africa obtains the required help that contributes to business, Human Development Index (HDI) rises and accordingly, African people gain the opportunity to live comfortably. Furthermore, recognizing the large cultivated lands in Africa, it is obvious that agriculture can provide the highest income for economy if these areas are used efficiently; thus, aids should promote the productive use of farming areas. For instance, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increases when African people engage in farming and grow domestic products. In addition, considering the fact that education has an indisputable role in the economy and Africa is not able to undertake investments in education, helps should target at the education system in Africa. Thanks to new educated African generations, the economy of Africa can develop and prevent poverty in the future. Ultimately, Africa needs economic help in order to develop business, farming and education.
Furthermore, prosperous countries and foundations should aid Africa in terms of health by providing food security, access to dispensaries and reducing child mortality. Firstly, many people in Africa undergo and unfortunately, die due to food poisoning that...

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