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It has always been believed that some diseases and viruses were transferred from animals into the worlds population, but some conspiracies say otherwise. AIDs has always been a huge virus that millions of people have suffered from since it came about in 1979(Guyatt). HIV is passed from one person to another by blood-to-blood or through sexual contact. Once the virus spreads, it turns into AIDS, which then attacks your immune system. A conspiracy dating back to the 1980s states that HIV/AIDS was created by the CIA with statistics and proof of experimentation backing up the theory.
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Many people have taken advantage of fame as a platform to speak out about this conspiracy theory. Another person that spoke up about this was Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai. She won a Nobel peace prize and used that spotlight to support the theory (“The CIA and AIDS”). She said, "Some say that Aids came from the monkeys, and I doubt that because we have been living with monkeys (since) time immemorial, others say it was a curse from God, but I say it cannot be that" ("Wangari Maathai: Nobel Calls…”). What makes Maathai so suspicious is that there has been so much secrecy about AIDS and whenever questions arise about where the virus came from, it raises a lot of red flags (“Wangari Maathai: Nobel Calls…”).
An interesting fact tieing into government involvement of AIDS is the time frame in which the virus started and who it started with. There was no AIDS until the exact year the government began experimenting on gay men (Cantwell). Wolf Szmuness was the doctor in charge of the hepatitis-B experiments. He was awarded millions of dollars just to do undertakepie this experiment. Szmuness specifically wanted to use gay men to avoid "serious legal and logistical problems" ("AIDS: A Doctor's Note...”). After the hepatitis-B experiment ended, Szmuness insisted that all thirteen thousand blood samples donated by the gay men be preserved at the Blood Center for future use. Several years later when the blood was re-tested for the presence of HIV, epidemiologists were able to detect the introduction and spread of HIV into the gay community (“AIDS: A Doctor’s Note...”).
When asked why he was keeping so many vials of blood, Szmuness replied,
Because one day another disease may erupt and we’ll need this material." A few months after the Hepatitis-B experiment began at the Center, the first AIDS cases began to appear in gay men living in Manhattan. And the retesting of gay blood at the Blood Center proved that HIV was first introduced into the gay population of New York City sometime around 1978-1979, the same year Szmuness’ gay Hepatitis-B experiment began (“AIDS: A Doctor’s Note…”).
This may have been just a precaution made by Szmuness, however it is very possible that he knew what was going to happen with the virus.
While there are many people that support the AIDS conspiracy, there are also a great deal of people who do not. Nicoli Nattras, author of The AIDS Conspiracy: Science Fights Back, does not support the theory. He used this book to address the conspiracy theory surrounding AIDS. In an interview he had, he stated that he wrote the the book because “I was concerned about the way that AIDS...

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