Aids & Hiv The Causes Effects And Types Of Possible Treatments.

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AIDS means acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS is past from person to person. The disease attacks the immune system which is not strong enough to fight this deadly disease. The AIDS disease has a number of symptoms and conditions that come with it. HIV causes the disease AIDS. HIV means human immunodeficiency virus. A virus is a very small organism that gets into a person's body and makes a disease. The virus HIV also only affects humans. If someone has been infected with AIDS they are called HIV positive or seropositive. HIV weakens a persons immune system and causes the disease AIDS.In order for the HIV virus to effect a person it must first enter the body's bloodstream and then begin to attack parts of the person's immune system. HIV destroys cells called T4-lymphocytes and macrophage. These cells are white blood cells. White blood cells are very important for fighting infection in the body's immune system. Cells are small but because an organism of a virus is smaller it is able to live inside of the cell. The HIV organism reproduces by intercepting to white cells transmissions for reproduction. Basically it tricks the cells to produce more of the HIV organism instead of healthy white cells which fight infection. HIV will then destroy the cell in which it is living in to move to another cell. This will keep happening until the immune system is no longer able to fight against any disease or infection. HIV can then also spread to the central nervous system. This system includes the brain, spinal cord, and muscle movements. When the nervous system is infected it impairs vision, coordination, muscle control, and even the memory.The HIV/AIDS viruses do not cause death by them selves. The pave the way for other disease to infect and kill. The most common death for people with AIDS is Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and is also called PCP. This disease is related to one third of all AIDS related deaths.To get HIV a person mush have sexual contact with someone infected already or by sharing a contaminated needle that has come in contact with HIV or AIDS. HIV can be spread not only by intercourse through the vagina but also by sexual contact either orally or anally. A person can also contract AIDS from blood transfusion. A mother is also capable of passing the disease to her unborn child. HIV can be found in blood, vaginal secretion, semen, or can be contained in breast milk. Transmission by these methods are the most dangerous and contagious ways to get the virus.The virus can also be found in saliva, tears, and sweat. However, the amounts found in these bodily fluids are so low that receiving AIDS is virtually impossible. A person and not receive the AIDS virus by using the same bathroom or by sharing silverware. No one person can get AIDS by sharing food or drinks either, this is because AIDS can not live in the air. The virus can only live in the bloodstream. Touching a person with AIDS will not get you the disease either. The only way a person...

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