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Aids In Africa A Proposal To Combat Aids

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Dear Mr. President,
I have recently heard about your proposed fifteen billion dollars to fight AIDS in Africa, and have become interested in this issue. At this moment in time, my class is studying ways to decrease the effects of the AIDS pandemic in which 65 million people have been infected with HIV and more than 25 million have died from the virus and it is estimated that three-quarters of the world's AIDS population lives in sub-Saharan Africa; most have no access to lifesaving drugs, testing facilities, or even basic preventative care. .
I would like to share my ideas with you and hopefully help you to be able to use some of these to aid your battle against AIDS. My name is Ben Henig and I am a member of Community High School.
One of the major factors inhibiting medical professionals in Africa from treating the disease is the inability to access vast areas of the continent with adequately equipped facilities. Although obstacles do arise when ever a massive project like this is taken up.
Obstacles like transporting the materials to build the vehicle and having the people with enough knowledge to build these vehicles. Although these could easily be combated with a large area of land to receive the materials for the vehicles and to basically have a depot from which the people and the materials meet and create the vehicles.
Employing the right staff to carry out the certain task I also highly recommended. Those trained in certain areas of expertise shall contribute to battle this pandemic. For instance, those trained in driving along rural roads would best be suited to...

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