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AIDS in Women:Due to the fervent efforts of health educators, young people today have a very intimate knowledge of HIV and AIDS. These students were born in the early eighties at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Teachers guided students through years of health classes in their junior high and high school years and informed students about the destructive nature of the AIDS virus and ways in which it can and cannot be contracted. Health educators made sure that students were well-informed about HIV and presented the topic as being gender neutral. Although pop culture and the media claimed that homosexual males were responsible for the epidemic, this idea was never presented in the classroom. Though I am grateful for this aspect of AIDS education, it seems that there was an important aspect missing from the curriculum: the more numerous negative effects that the disease has for women. Health education needs to present the effects of AIDS to women and encourage them to be more concerned about contracting and living with the disease.In spite of this need for reform, however, health educators may feel uneasy about changing their curriculum and argue that there are a number of reasons to keep HIV and AIDS curriculum the same. One reason that they might have for maintaining the current curriculum is that they fear that presenting HIV as more of a woman's issue could decrease awareness of the disease in men. However, this probably will not happen. Many people, though not necessarily health educators, already view HIV as more of a man's disease. In fact, according to Allen E. Carrier of Aids Project Los Angeles, gay men aged 17-24 are at a very high risk for HIV infection and realize the dangers of unsafe sex but continue to engage in high-risk behavior (DeNoon "National"). In other words, most men are aware and informed but some are choosing to ignore some of the education that they received. In reality, men need to make as many changes as women in order to stop the AIDS epidemic. Peter Piot, the executive director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, says that "[m]en have a crucial role to play in bringing about this radical change" (Henderson). Therefore, the new AIDS curriculum would be encouraging both men and women to change their attitudes and actions in order to bring about changes.Health educators might also claim that by focusing more on HIV education they will have to ignore other important health topics. However, few other health topics today are as important or as relevant to young people as HIV; it is a worldwide epidemic that is constantly affecting them. In addition, it is one of the few diseases that can be controlled with sufficient knowledge and responsible behavior. Teachers should not feel like they are ignoring more important topics; they are merely focusing on an issue of growing prevalence. Health educators might also argue that they should not be the only ones responsible for making young women more aware of this...

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2092 words - 8 pages increase over time” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012). “African Americans account for more new cases of HIV infections, as well as AIDS diagnoses, and people considered to be living with HIV” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012). Statistics “Worldwide, women account for more than half of all people living with HIV/AIDS. For women aged (15-49), HIV/AIDS was the leading cause of death and disease worldwide in 2009” (amfAr Making Aids History, 2011

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634 words - 3 pages insects or tame animals. In pregnant women, the virus only infects the infant near or at the time of birth. The virus dies quickly without a host.AIDS (Acquired ImmunoDifficiency Syndrome) weakens the body's immune system so it is sensitive to infection. The AIDS virus primarily attacks the T lymphocytes, which are a main part of the immune system. The virus is also incubated in cells called macrophages, where it is accidentally sent to other

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1757 words - 7 pages alone army officers, ever admit to having the HIV/AIDS virus. He also set up a network for people living in Uganda with the HIV/AIDS virus (Robinson 1). Many new approaches are being taken to battle the HIV/AIDS virus by Africans now as well. The idea of abstinence is being further stressed to women as well as men in Africa. Safe sex by means of condoms is also a widely taught method. Using condoms, once thought of as a sign of mistrust or intent of

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