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AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIV affect more than roughly thirty million people worldwide. It is now generally accepted that HIV is a descendant of simian (monkey) immunodeficiency virus (SIV). Certain simian immunodeficiency viruses bear a very close resemblance to HIV-1 and HIV-2, the two types of HIV. But how did it transfer to humans? It has been known for a long time that certain viruses can pass from animals to humans, and this process is referred to as zoonosis. The researchers concluded that HIV could have crossed over from chimpanzees as a result of a human killing a chimp and eating it for food. This chimp was from West Africa, which was also where the first case originated. It is then presumed that HIV spread from there around the world. But some other rather controversial theories have contended that HIV was transferred via medical experiments. One particularly well-publicized theory is that polio vaccines played a role in the transfer.AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. If you get infected with HIV, your body will try to fight the infection. It will make "antibodies," special molecules that are supposed to fight HIV. As HIV disease continues, it slowly wears down the immune system. Viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria that usually don't cause any problems can make you very sick if your immune system is damaged.Race, sex and age have nothing to do with who can get this disease, however, the race with the highest number of infected people happens to be Caucasian males ages 25-44. About forty-five percent of the 641,000 AIDS cases in the U.S. have been white people. Blacks aren't far behind with over 35 percent of cases, and Hispanics have about 20 percent of all cases. Asians have less than anyone does, with 1 percent. Of the estimated 30.6 million people worldwide living with this horrible, life-threatening disease in 1997, about 68 percent were living in sub-Saharan Africa. 22 percent of all cases were in...

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547 words - 3 pages I'm here to present information on elevated causes of AIDS. (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) AIDS in the 20th century is a huge problem nationwide, and every angle of approach is needed in order to reduce the incident of transmitting AIDS. This deficiency is also a problem for our African American communities. Male African Americans are the leading culture in the world. To help reduce our AIDS problems in the United States, protection is

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634 words - 3 pages start off talking about what the disease does, how it does it, and some of the other basic information about the disease. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). HIV damages the immune system, the part of the body that fights infection. The immune system becomes weak and infections begin to attack the body. As these conditions get worse, a person is diagnosed with AIDS. Some

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816 words - 3 pages TB prevention, cure and treatment. Stigma, discrimination and HIV/AIDS workplace policy are also covered during this training. The Master Trainers play a dual role. They train selected colleagues as Peer Educators (discussed below) and they also disseminate information on HIV/AIDS and TB to their colleagues through formal and informal sessions. Training of Peer Educators: The cascading model has a second cadre of educators – the Peer Educators

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1119 words - 4 pages slow down its malicious effects before they become fatal. It is equally important to know how to avoid getting the virus and also the symptoms in case you might run across them. I have researched this topic through various sources and compiled pertinent information to provide adequate information on this topic. First of all, AIDS is caused by the retrovirus HIV. HIV stands for human immunodef- iciency virus. AIDS

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1771 words - 8 pages the HIV/AIDS client group, evaluate the characteristics by the biopsychosocial model and analyses the health promotion and motivational strategies in Hong Kong. Content: Prevalence: According to the statistics done by the department of Health in Hong Kong, there is a HIV reporting system in Hong Kong. Usually the doctors and confirmatory laboratories report the case of HIV infection. There are three major of information about the prevalence of

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1063 words - 4 pages women living in urban areas fell from 29.5% in 1995 to 11.25% in 2000 because widespread public information about HIV and AIDS has affected these people in positive and successful ways. Yet elsewhere in Africa (especially in the western region), ignorance about these viruses is still the problem for many people. Over 40% of young girls in Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone have never even heard of HIV or AIDS. Among those in the region who have HIV

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1231 words - 5 pages principles and mankind.There have been instances where the Catholic Church has been preaching to AIDS sufferers and families that the use of condoms is not the answer, and that they allow the AIDS virus to pass through its walls. This movement outraged AIDS activists and communities at large because it was false information given purely to deter people away from condom usage. Reality is that condoms are impermeable which means its walls are resistant

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1130 words - 5 pages AIDS Prevention and Education in AmericaFreddie Mercury, lead singer and songwriter of Queen, most famous for the songs, "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We are the Champions" and "We will Rock You". He died in 1991 (The Good Weird). Rock Hudson was a huge film star in the 1950's and 1960's. He had done over seventy motion pictures. He died in 1985. Liberace, a very famous pianist, died in 1897. Arthur Ashe, a tennis star died February 6, 1993 at the age

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2066 words - 8 pages .. "Duesberg on AIDS- Human Immunodeficiency Virus ..." Peter Duesberg on AIDS . N.p., 14 May 1988. Web. 9 Jan. 2010. <>."The evidence that HIV causes AIDS." AIDS & HIV information from the AIDS charity AVERT. N.p., 23 Dec. 2009. Web. 9 Jan. 2010. <>.Duesberg, Peter. "AIDS Acquired by Drug Consumption and Other Noncontagious Risk Factors." Duesberg on AIDS. Version

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528 words - 2 pages .homosexuals,2. IV drug users3. partners that are infected with the HIV virus.B. Goes for AIDS testing1. Tests for the presence of HIV antibodiesC. involves sub-policy (Also)1. Known as contact tracing2. The intent of this policya. Disclose his or her sexual historyD. In the past, contact tracing1. implemented for STD's2. And has worked.VisualizationI. With this information hopefully the spreading will dropA. Meaning a smaller number of AIDS

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1717 words - 7 pages AIDS. However, the typical AIDS patient is thought to be male. From this information, would a female then be willing to admit contracting the virus when she knows that hiding the virus from others would be easier and safer simply. When dealing with the subject of AIDS, not only do patients need physical care, but mental care as well. Thoughts of alienation, stigmas from family and community, misinformation about AIDS, and most likely denial about

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1237 words - 5 pages information used to back it up makes complete sense. As horrible as it may be, it is very possible that the theory is true. Works Cited "AIDS Conspiracy Theories: A Field Guide." Slate Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2014. "The CIA and AIDS." - GaTechConspiracyWiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2014. "Conspiracy Theories." Time. Time Inc., 20 Nov. 2008. Web. 07 Apr. 2014. "Country Comparison :: HIV/AIDS - People Living with HIV/AIDS

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650 words - 3 pages purpose of this paper is to point out some of the myths concerning AIDS, to provide information regarding some of the precautions that can be taken to prevent contracting AIDS, and to present some places that AID victims can go for help.First, I will try to present some of the myths and some of the actual facts surrounding AIDS. Some tend to believe that it is spread by kissing, touching toilet seats, and even that it is spread by mosquitoes

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1274 words - 6 pages discovered that HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) was the cause of AIDS. HIV is a retrovirus that weakens the immune system. If not treated, HIV can turn into AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome where the immune system is destroyed and a person can be more susceptible to infections and disease. During the 1980s, there was a lot of hysteria and false information that spread about HIV/AIDS. The syndrome seemed to come out of nowhere and with very little

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877 words - 4 pages educating themselves on how to protect themselves from the disease. AIDS does not kill a person, the infections the person receives, while sick with AIDS, kill the person. Taking all this information into account, if a person protects themselves properly and knows who they are with or what they are doing, they can protect themselves from AIDS.ReferencesDixon, P (2002). The Truth about AIDS. (2nd edition). New York: KingswayPublishingHIV Leading Cause of