Aids:Is There A Cure? Are There Preventions?

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What is AIDS? How do you cure it? Find out by reading this report on cures and preventions for the AIDS virus. In this report some of the topics covered will be a small report on AIDS, preventions, and possible cures. This report was written to prove if there is a cure for the AIDS virus, and if there are any ways to prevent contracting AIDS. I mean who does AIDS think it is just killing people?AIDS is a virus that kills your immune system. The letters in AIDS stand for Acquired, Immune, Deficiency, Syndrome. (Madaras,185-6)There are four ways the AIDS virus can be spread. The first is by having sexual intercourse with someone infected with the virus. AIDS is transmitted this way by way of the semen. This is also the way most people get AIDS. (Madaras,187) The second most common way people get AIDS is by dirty intravenous needles. It is transmitted by the blood or other body fluids on the needle, and when someone else then uses the same needle, they have a high risk of catching the virus. The third most common way AIDS is spread is by blood transfusions. This is done almost the same way as by IV needle but it is always by the blood.(Madaras,187) The most rare way the AIDS virus is spread is by a mother passing it to fetus inside her.(Madaras,188)AIDS is a very rapidly-spreading disease although it is only spread four ways. Ten years ago only two cases of AIDS were known. Nine years ago only seven cases were known. In 1983 over 3,000 cases were recorded, and by 1989, there were more than 100,000 cases. (Samuel,26)Many people think you can get AIDS by what scientists call 'casual contact.' Casual contact is by such means as swimming pools, kissing, toilet seats, etc. ''s important to remember that the AIDS virus doesn't live in the air or on things we touch, the way cold or flu viruses do. (Madaras,186) There have been no cases recorded where the infection was caused by casual contact.The part of your body that the AIDS virus kills is your immune system as mentioned before, but what it really kills is your white blood cells. White blood cells usually attack a virus when it enters the body.'It is a relatively new disease. The first cases in this country were discovered in 1981.' (Madaras,185-6) Still, in all this time, scientists have not figured out a cure or vaccine for the virus because they do not even know how the AIDS virus cripples your white blood cells.A common symptom AIDS patients get is developing rare types of skin cancer. (Aids:Everything you should know,movie,AIMS,1989) Really AIDS doesn't kill you--other germs or viruses do because when they enter the body there is no immune system to protect your body so they can live freely. (Samuel,27)There is no 100% sure way to prevent AIDS, and there is always a possibility that you may contract the AIDS virus. (Aids:Everything you should know,movie,AIMS,1989) The only true 100% sure prevention from getting AIDS is called abstinence which means not having sex....

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