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Aim To Investigate Water Relations In Two Plant Tissues

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ANALYSISThere are four basic ways in which molecules can move from one area to another. They are:·Diffusion·Osmosis·Active Transport·Bulk TransportIn this experiment we are looking at osmosis. To be able to analyse and explain this experiment, we have to know what osmosis is. Osmosis is the movement of molecules from an area of higher water potential, to an area of lower water potential through a partially permeable membrane. At some point, the molecules will be equal on either side of the membrane. This is known as the molecules being in equilibrium. A definition of equilibrium is the stage where a tissue neither gains, or losses their mass. So, the water potential of the tissue, is the same as the water potential of the solution. How concentrated a solution is will effect the mass of the tissue. For this experiment, I found that the general rule was the more concentrated the solution, the mass of the tissue started to decrease.In this experiment we can work out when the tissues, potato and swede are in equilibrium by plotting our results on a graph. Then by using a line of best fit, we can estimate when the line crosses the x-axis. From my results, I know that at some point between 0.2 moles and 0.4 moles, the potato was in equilibrium. Using a line of best fit, I can estimate when the potato was in equilibrium. It was estimated that this was reached at 0.22 moles. At some point between 0.6 and 0.8, the swede was in equilibrium. Again, by using a line of best fit, it was estimated that equilibrium was reached at 0.64 moles.Below is a table of what the concentration of solution (moles) has been transferred into water potential (Kpa). This was done by using a reference graph provided to me by my teacher.PotatoSwedeConcentration of solution (moles)0.220.64Water potential (Kpa)-600-1950We can see that when equilibrium is reached for both vegetables, the water potential was much higher for potato than swede. This can be justified by referring to part B of the experiment. Starch is insoluble in water and so does not affect the water potential. Sugar, on the other hand, is soluble in water and does affect the water potential. My results in part B showed that potato had lots of starch and little sugar. This would explain the reason why potato had such a low water potential due to the little sugar found in the tissues. My results in part B also showed that swede had lots of sugar and little starch. This is why swede has such a negative water potential due to the fact the sugar is soluble in water and so affects water potential.The changes in mass of both potato and swede are due to the movement of water molecules into or out of the cell. According to my part A of my results, when potato was put into a weak/pure sucrose solution, it gained in mass. For example, at 0.2 moles, the potato gained in mass by +0.8%. When the potato was placed in a strong sucrose solution, it loss mass. For example, 0.4 moles, the potato decreased in...

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