Aims Of Training And Development Essay

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Aims of Training and Development

Training can be teaching employees new skills that are relevant to
their current job position or refreshing the skills that they already
possess. To have a good training and development programme enables
firms to develop individual employees and the organisation itself as
training is one of the best forms of motivation. Employees are able to
broaden their knowledge and become more valued within the firm. Having
a well-trained workforce is greatly beneficial for a company as
employees are likely to be more motivated and target driven. Also
various jobs and tasks are likely to be carried out more efficiently
if the workforce is highly skilled at what they do. Listed below are
some off the main benefits to a company in having a well-trained

- Training and development will enable a company to have a much more
flexible workforce

- Employees will become more motivated and are then likely to be more

- If employees are offered advanced training in areas such as ICT,
HSBC may find that can progress further as a firm into more advanced

- If employees are motivated and comfortable in the work they do there
will be a fall in absenteeism

- If employees are properly trained in health and safety accidents
around the workplace will be reduced

Ø Types of Training

The three main types of training that companies offer are:

- Induction Training

- On-the-job Training

- Off-the-job Training

Induction Training

This involves introducing new employees to the workplace, existing
employees and showing them what the job will entail. It is important
that the they get an idea of how the company is run, the companies
history and that they get familiar with the services and products the
company offer. During the induction process employees will be shown
health and safety procedures and the basic layout of the workplace.
This is so they know where an appropriate member of staff if a problem
was to occur. The induction process allows employees to gain essential
knowledge before starting their job and ensures safety and maintenance
in the workplace.

On-the-job Training

During on-the-job training employees are taught the skills and
techniques they need while actually carrying out their job. Types of
on-the-job training include Coaching and Mentoring and are explained
fully overleaf.

Off-the-job Training

Some companies send employees on courses that are outside of the
workplace. At theses separate institutes employees may not only learn
skills on how to physically do their job but also gain key knowledge
on broader subjects and receive awards such as NVQ’s.


Some companies hold regular informal meetings between employees and
management where discussion of the employees’ performance and their
achievements takes place. This is known as coaching. These sessions
allow managers to asses the employee’s strengths and...

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