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When I was at high school, one of my teachers asked us "Do you believe that soon we might play soccer in pitches (outdoor) that equipped by ACs? Do you believe that we can beat humidity one day?" Definitely, we said no, we didn't believe him at all. At that time, we used to go shopping at Al Souq Al Qadeem (the old market in Abu Dhabi), which is not recommended to go shopping in summer, and Marina Mall (which was small). And now I realized that our teacher is right, absolutely right!Obviously, nowadays, nothing is impossible. A plane without a pilot is already produced. Smart phones can be used for many purposes; paying bills, sending messages and taking high quality pictures. How about beating the desert climate?The fact of being shocked in this world does not exist. Every day, we hear about something new. Dubai itself is another fairy tales story in beating humidity. Do you remember when Dubai thought of building the highest skyscraper in the world? We said it is difficult to have such a building that provides a chilled atmosphere at the top of the tower in summer, but up to now millions of people visited it and no one complained about the temperature yet, even in summer. How about the Dubai mall? It is classified as one of the biggest shopping mall in the world. It provides comfortable atmosphere and people can enjoy shopping without worrying about outside temperature. Still you are not convinced that we are living in an...

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738 words - 3 pages (Olson, 2009)". Classical conditioned can be seen as a cause and effect type of conditioning. This theory was found by Pavlov using a dog and bell. Naturally the animal would salivate when the aroma of food is in the air then Pavlov introduced the sound mechanism before the arrival of the food. This process led the dog to believe that if there was food coming at the sound of the bell. Pavlov's example can be translated into human terms, from

Willis Carrier: The Father of Cool, Inventor of the modern-day Air Conditioner

1303 words - 5 pages this, Willis Carrier is a legend and he will never be forgotten.Throughout the 19th century, textile manufacturers made the first attempts at air conditioning. They wanted to heat their factories and mills and keep the air moist. To do so, they boiled water in huge pots near their vents. Unfortunately, this type of heat, mainly the humidity, put the health of the mill workers at risk, so this method was rejected. To cool the workers, water was

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940 words - 4 pages asked questions about it and specifically asked whether it had air conditioning. The salesman pointed to the fan control and stated that it was the air conditioning control. Since it was cold outside, we did not test this information to ensure it was factual. We took his word for it. After the test drive, we engaged in conversation about possibly purchasing the vehicle. This began the process of contract formation, which contains the elements

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614 words - 3 pages and Air Conditioning Services from Pro Refrigeration and Heating Pro Refrigeration and Heating, Inc., provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services for all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment. Our home office in Alsip is nearby, about 5 miles from your home or business in Oak Forest. As a Carrier dealer, our technicians undergo rigorous training at Carrier training centers to ensure that we provide the best

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792 words - 4 pages must be working well to adjust both the temperature and humidity to the required range. Maintaining an air conditioner Like every other electronic gadget, your air conditioner needs regular professional maintenance. This reduces its chances of breaking down causing you discomfort and costing you higher on repairs. Preventive maintenance depends on which part of the world you live. Air conditioning systems in hot , humid and dirty areas require

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1327 words - 6 pages Problem Statement At a local community college, adults of both genders and between the ages of 17-65 with diverse work experience as well as different ethnic backgrounds, entering into the career field of air conditioning and heating must take the “Refrigeration Principles” class before any advanced courses of instruction offered in refrigeration and heating. The course is taught two nights a week between 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. with an average

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1169 words - 5 pages air sinks down, make a convention, but if the air conditioner gives out warm wind, which the hot air will always stay in the top of the room, and the cold wind can't sinks down and form a circulation. It is not convenient and it will waste a lot of time and electricity to warm the whole room. Due to the heating of the air conditioning is blow out hot air directly by mechanical power, it will causes the air becomes dry in winter.At the same time

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1048 words - 4 pages . Each colony has its distinct smell, and all the members of the same colony smell similar. The other main function of a queen is to lay the fertilized eggs, millions of eggs. The queen is the mother of all the ants in the colony. She can live up to 15 years and needs to mate only once. The mating takes place in the air shortly after the queen breaks free from her cocoon. After the mating takes place, she rips off


1236 words - 5 pages “You can avoid reality, but you can not avoid the consequences of avoiding the reality” (Ayn Rand, 1905-1982). In Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid, the air-conditioning is one of the most significant details in the novel that represents some of the themes that Hamid wants to emphasize. Besides jewelry, enormous house, and high-priced car air-conditioner is one of the elements that distinguish wealth from poverty. More than that, one of the reasons why

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1057 words - 4 pages range of applications for these refrigerants is from large units for temperatures below -18 oC to air conditioning in automobiles. The most consumer-related of these products is the replacement for CFC-12, which is used in automobile air conditioning. Car manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler all have at least one model as of 1996 that used SUVA-134a instead of the CFC equivalent. For more information on the products visit Dupont's SUVA

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863 words - 3 pages proper ventilation, energy costs can increase because their can be no cross ventilation through the house, which can dramatic cool down the house and reduce the need for air-conditioning. Display homes do no take this into consideration, and most often require air-conditioning to cool the home and this causes an increase in energy cost.Eaves are an essential part of houses to shade windows and stop direct sunlight during the middle of the day when

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1006 words - 4 pages Air conditioning is achieved by developing the principles of moving air in ducted ventilation systems to include a number of physical and scientific processes which enhance the air quality. The objective is to provide and maintain internal air conditions at a predetermined state, regardless of the time of year, season and external atmospheric environment. For buildings with human occupancy, the design specification is likely to include an

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602 words - 2 pages Introduction:This essay is intended to discuss the reason why air-conditioning is used, its advantages and its downfalls, any alternatives and how they affect the internal environment. Air conditioning is a very complex subject with many specialized areas; as a result only the commercial use of air conditioning will be mentioned.Throughout history, many people have aided in society's strive to achieve the most comfortable and relaxing lifestyle

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1818 words - 7 pages bstract—This paper aimed at functional requirements with CRAC (computer room air conditioning) inverter test system, and realized the test system hardware platform design, while completing the software functional design and programming algorithm. For example in Self-Made 10Kw inverter and Schneider ATV31H 2.2Kw inverter, we research on its output three-phase voltage, three-phase current for balance analysis and harmonic calculations. Practical