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Air Pollutin And Health Disparities Essay

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To a great degree the eminent problem is the air pollution we breathe. Who can help amend the air we breathe. In order to improve the quality of the air, people have to be aware of the specific mode of pollution and the effect of it. The traffic-pollution causes affliction and distress to individuals. The reason for this tragedy is due in part by every one of us. High concentration of vehicle exhausts is the main source of air pollution in urban areas. Neighborhoods in proximity to heavy traffic areas can negatively impact a community’s health conditions and outcomes. Those people that are disproportionately exposed to greater levels of exhaust fumes are those who have a low socioeconomic ...view middle of the document...

Each one of these measures in theory is to provide an adequate level of safety per state by state. PM2.5 fine inhalable combustion particles connecting this to serious health problem, including cardiovascular disease, aggravation of respiratory and premature deaths. PM10 standard for protection against the effect of dust, pollen, mold, etc. exposure to coarse particles (
METHODS CDC studies have relied on measure of traffic by the Geographical Information System (GIS) -The study says that residential proximity to major highways is part of class bias in the housing market structure and land costs, suggesting that pollutant sources are located near disadvantaged communities. Scientists say that those exposed to high levels of pollution particles over time are at higher risk for negative health effects and outcome. The environmental impact on these people’s health impairs their well-being and in most cases leads to death. The U.S. Census Bureau collects data on race and ethnicity and reveals that the people who live in these areas are of a non-white population. Because people are not educated and do not have the means to live in areas that are quiet and could provide their children the best resources they live in less than desired areas of the city. It was not until I took this health disparities class that I learned that societal disadvantages could adversely affect your health.
RESULTS According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 11.3 million persons live within 150 meters of a major highway (CDC, 2010). Air pollution deaths are most commonly found in patients who suffer heart disease, and strokes. A comparison of rates by race reveals that black women and men have much higher Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) death rates in the 45–74 age groups than women and men of the three other races. A higher percentage of black women (37.9%) than white women (19.4%) died before age 75 as a result of CHD, as did black men (61.5%) compared with white men (41.5%). The same black-white difference was seen among women and men who died of stroke: a higher percentage of black women (39%) died of stroke before age 75 compared with white women (17.3%) as did black men.” According to the American Heart Association (AHA, 2013), studies have demonstrated a consistent risk for heart disease and stroke in relation to both short- and long-term exposure to particulate matter (2012). For example, scientist found that exposure to the particulate matter (PM) from car emission over time can cause cardiovascular problems and in some cases even mortality The scientist in this study found that when someone is exposed to poor air conditions their blood platelets become activated, the cells in the blood that normally reduce bleeding from a wound, but in this case there is not a wound, instead the active platelets stick to plaque in the vessels and form blood clots, which essentially block blood flow to the heart. Episodes like this make people more susceptible to heart...

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