Air Pollution In Auckland, New Zealand

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Air Pollution in Auckland
1. Introduction:

“Auckland has New Zealand worst air pollution compare to all other cities in New Zealand”, According to the resent report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) (Field, 2011). The level of air pollution is double that of Sydney. According to the above findings, Air pollution is the major health hazard in New Zealand community. The following easy describes the course of air pollution in Auckland and the health problem encounter in the Auckland community as result of this serious environmental issue. Air pollution is a sever threat not only to Auckland but many cities and region in all over the world. With the industrial revolution the problem is beginning to appear but world notices the seriousness of the problem year 61 of the Common Era ( Auckland is the urban area of the north island and geographically surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The scenic environment with cliffs and mountains makes the Auckland is one of the beautiful cities in the world. But, Auckland has dangerously affected by the air pollution threat as the largest Ozone hole happened above this beautiful country. In 2011 Auckland council has released the figures reveling that 700 people killed by air pollution. Further it is said that it’s exceeding the national standards of air pollution level. Mainly two type of air pollutants: Primary pollutants and Secondary pollutants. Primary pollutants come from human activities. The inaction of primary pollutants with atmosphere is the defined as the secondary pollutants (foundation, 2013). The primary pollutants can occur in ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and lead. Over population is major rationale of Primary pollutants. The highest population compare to the other cities would be one of the main sources of the air pollution in Auckland.

As earlier mention human activities are the main sources of air pollution. The emission of unhealthy gases due to activities using energy in our homes, industrial activities, transport and farming has been directly linked to the pollution. Out of these categories transport and personal activities such as smoking are courses major health hazards.
The transport related emission defined as traffic pollutants, Gases and particles released from cars and other vehicles include a complex mixture of many pollutants. The erosion of material on the roads and the wear of tyres by applying brakes can also produce pollutants. Transportation has become major part of our lives not only for Auckland’s but every human being in the world. Cars and heavy due to trucks, trains, shipping and air planes burn lot of fuels and emit gases like carbon dioxide. This is major cause of air pollution that is very difficult to manage.
Beside above all usage of chemicals for crop dusting, fumigating homes, household cleaning products or painting supplies, insect killers contribute to air pollution without knowing the...

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