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Air pollution in China, which is caused by the burning of coal and other gases which are emitted into the air, has caused about 300,000 deaths annually. The effects of pollution cause not only asthma, but bronchitis and many forms of cancer. Pollution has become the biggest health threat to Chinese citizens. Government authorities plan to reduce the amount of PM2.5 released into the air by 25% by 2017 and seek to reduce their dependency on the power plant fuel.
The “airpocalypse” in China mainly centers in Beijing where pollution contributed to about 1.2 million premature deaths in 2010(greenpeace). 750,000 people die prematurely each year due to air pollution in large cities. PM2.5 is released into the air which can enter a person’s bloodstream and cause diseases and increase the risk of cancer(Tang). More than eight-thousand people died prematurely in four Chinese cities due to PM2.5 pollution emitted into the air(greenpeace). In 2010, ten million tons of PM2.5 were released into the air. Pollution can cause many health issues such as increase the risks of lung cancer and cause children to develop asthma at a young age. People may get bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer from exposure to pollutants; these risks are increased for those who live in China and are in constant exposure everyday. The amount of people that get lung cancer has increased by sixty percent in the last ten years, though the number of smokers has decreased. The air in China has gotten so severely lethal, the life expectancy of China residents has decreased by an estimated five years.
The air pollution in China became severe when the demand for coal began to increase significantly. Not only does China sufficiently support themselves for coal, but also burns one-half of the world’s coal supply. Since coal is the main supplier of China’s energy, it consumes about 67% of the country’s total energy consumption. In 2012, 36% of the air was polluted and has increased by 11% in less than a year causing 47% of the air in China to be polluted by 2013. The first “airpocalypse” in China occurred in Beijing in 2011. Fine particles penetrated deep into the lungs and are believed to be responsible for increased mortality for lung cancer and heart disease. In 2008, twenty-three research projects were launched to reduce air emissions of gases. It is believed that pollution was responsible for seventy percent of infertility in women and fifty percent of infertility in men. Also, the demand for manufactured goods has increased in the last five years causing factories to work harder to support these needs.
The air in China described as “choking” and “barely suitable for living” does not meet the government’s pollution standard. In fact, seventy percent of China’s cities do not meet the National Air Quality Standard. Sometimes air pollution levels hit 40 times the safe limit. The pollution in China is so thick that visibility drops to about thirty feet(Wagstaff). Coal production as well as the...

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