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Air Pollution In New York City

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Air pollution can be described as a mixture of gases and solid particles in the air. Emissions of cars, chemicals from factories, pollen, dust, and mold spores can be suspended like particles. A major air pollution part in the cities is Ozone, a gas. If ozone creates air pollution, it is called smog. I chose air pollution as my issue because certain air pollutants is toxic and inhaling them may increase the chance of people having health problems. Individuals with lung or heart disease, elderly adults and kids are at higher risk of being affected by air pollution. Pollution of the air is not just outdoors. The air within buildings may similarly be polluted and upset people’s health. For ...view middle of the document...

To address the air pollution issue in New York City appropriate measures ought to be taken by the federal government. A proper pathway also needs to be taken to in order to influence the government to address the issue of air pollution in the city by changing the policy regarding the issue. One of the best pathways that can be employed to influence the government into addressing the issue of air pollution in the city is by formulating grassroots social movement. A grassroots social movement in general voice disapproval against environmental harms. Often, however, it appears the American populace’s view of the grassroots movement includes just objections and protests to the developmental manner and the technology shape. Undeniably, the media depicts environmentalists as persons who protest of pollution detriments and block vital projects, such as dams, industrial plants, and highways. Such a depiction of environmental activism overlooks the underlying truth.
Environmental activists act in response to the environmental impact analysis mode. The environmental impact analysis mode ascertains the detrimental effects of development as well as attempts to either mitigate or avoid those effects. Rather than asking what the greatest beneficial environmental result would be, the environmental impact analysis mode presents the question of how development can proceed with the “tiniest” adversarial environmental effects. As a result, environmentalists who aspire to preserve the environs are confronted with laws essentially designed towards promoting development.
Therefore, since environmental laws simply control pollution, instead of prohibiting it, the public must fight to make sure that they don’t bear a disproportionate environmental harms burden. Grassroots environmental movements form to defend minority and low-income neighborhoods from environmental hazards. The movements attempt to remedy the inherent disadvantage, which minority and low-income communities face owing to their deficiency of political clout. Litigation, direct action, and using the legal system via...

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