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One of the world's main natural resources is air. Without air no human being on this earth would be able to survive. Therefore the way we maintain our air quality is extremely important to us and our future generation. This topic is very serious because over the last few years Houston has been rated the #1 polluted city in America also known as, "The Smog Capital of America". Pollution can cause many problems in our environment as well as our society. In the following paragraphs I will be discussing. The major concerns with air quality in Houston, the effects it has on our society, description of the different air pollutants and their causes, solutions to air pollution and the benefits it will have for our environment. Houston is the fourth largest city in America. Our city has a tremendous amount of industrial plants that provide goods and services for our citizens. These industries employ hundreds of people in which most of them are unaware of all the pollution industrial plants, chemical plants along with many other business are creating on a daily basis. What are the major concerns with the Houston's air quality? "Houston's being an oil industry city contributes to the problem." ( Air pollution is very hazardous to our health as well as our society. Young children with asthma problems and elderly people with respiratory aliments are most affected by the pollution in the air. Other people have encountered health issues such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. "Texas ranks ninth in the nation in deaths from power plant emissions with 1,310 deaths annually. Additionally, each year, power plant pollution causes estimated 6,140 asthma attacks in Houston." ( It is ridiculous to think that Houston alone causes the amount of theses attack and deaths. This is when we should realize what is more important to us, our health or the means of producing pollution in order to live more modernized lives. Decreasing the amount of air pollution would not necessarily decrease the way we live modernly, however it may slow down the process and in return you will have your life to be thankful for.Damage to building and vegetation is also caused by pollution. Businesses are also affected by the quality of air in our city. The reason for this is because many people would not want to visit a city where they are known as the "Smog Capital". They would think of Houston as a dirty place to live full of germs and diseases waiting to happen. Because of this, business would not be making the profit they should in order to keep their business alive and successful. The more polluted the city the more pollution they will have. "More people translates into more cars for example and therefore more emissions, which in turn translates into more ground level ozone." ( Emissions are a form of pollution caused by gasoline powered vehicles or different kind of power plants. "Pollution from dirty power...

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