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Introduction:This essay is intended to discuss the reason why air-conditioning is used, its advantages and its downfalls, any alternatives and how they affect the internal environment. Air conditioning is a very complex subject with many specialized areas; as a result only the commercial use of air conditioning will be mentioned.Throughout history, many people have aided in society's strive to achieve the most comfortable and relaxing lifestyle possible. They work endlessly to come up with some sort of luxurious creation from which we all can benefit. A first-class example of such a character is Willis Carrier, the inventor of the air conditioner. His life-long hard work has resulted in many of us today enjoying hot summer days indoors.But what is an air conditioning system? And what are the effects of using it? The definition is as follows;“It is the simultaneous control of all or at least the 1st three of those factors affecting both the physical and chemical conditions of the atmosphere within any structure. These factors include temperature, humidity, motion, distribution, dust, bacteria, odours and toxic gases most of which, affect in a degree human health and comfort”1Air conditioning:The widespread adoption of air conditioning was accompanied by changes in the public's standard for comfort, and a modern lifestyle. Before air conditioning, consumers planned food, clothes, work, and entertainment around ways to alleviate the impact of hot weather. With a technological alternative now available, those methods have declined, and their usefulness discarded.By installing an air conditioning system it can help to maintain the quality of the air, by providing the right amount of filtered outside air to replace the stale air found inside a building. This reduces containments in the air, such as tobacco smoke, odours and other pollutants. The main decision though to air condition buildings is usually made to avoid exposure of human beings to excessively high temperatures, which in turn improves comfort /...

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1684 words - 7 pages common and most economical" ( Since a small spaced apartment is the preferred way of living, GE concentrates on a smaller home air conditioner beneficial to small homes.Typically when air conditioners are placed in a small area or home, the window air conditioner is the preferred way to go. Currently, many Indian homes have windows that "will be barred, often with ornate grills" ( Ornate grills make window air conditioning


2120 words - 8 pages , the company has resonated with consumers around the world.Air conditioning and energy:LG Electronics Air Conditioning & Energy Solution Company is a leadership in a based with a lot of company has the same technology but the HVAC systems, lighting solutions make LG higher than other brand. Additionally, the company has been providing comprehensive and effective energy solutions responsible environment such as energy efficient and eco

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