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Air Transport Market Deregulation And Its Effect On The Short Sea Shipping Of The Greek Domestic Market

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It has almost been a decade since the deregulation of the Greek air transport market.During these years a number of new airlines entered the market with various degreesof success, attempting to participate and compete in this growing market. HoweverGreece's morphology, which includes many island destinations and are a populartourist destination, creates a competitive environment between air travel and short-seashipping. It should be also mentioned that the deregulation of the greek short-seashipping market has recently (from November 2002) been implemented, a fact whichwill increase the competition between the two different means of transport. Thisarticle attempts to discover the results and effects of this deregulation in the Greektransport sector from the scope of both air transport and short-sea shipping. Theconclusions are based on the evaluation of data as they were recorded in the course ofthe past decade.KeywordsCompetition, Domestic Air Transport, Domestic Short Sea Shipping, Deregulation,Greek Air Market, Greek Insular Market.1. IntroductionThe Greek insular market represents an area of special interest, since it is the marketwhere two different modes of transport (sea and air) compete in offering transportservices to and from the islands. With the application of the EU transportationpolicies, which promote deregulation, a new market environment is created offeringopportunities for new operators to enter the market.Greece has over 2000 islands, 200 of which are populated. The transport needs ofthese islands for scheduled transport services are served by a 24 airports and morethan 90 seaports. Questions are therefore being raised as to the coverage offered to themarket, the extend of competition between both transport means and the benefitswhich arise for passengers and operators. Furthermore the need to connect smallerislands with the mainland for social and financial reasons, led the state from veryearly to impose public service obligations on transport operators, a measure whichapplies even in the deregulated era.In order to gain a better understanding of the competition in the Aegean sea, both thedomestic air transport and domestic short sea shipping markets will be examined.Therefore both markets will be analyzed individually at first, followed by an analysisof the competition that exists between these two modes of transport, within the scopeof a deregulated market.PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version http://www.fineprint.comE. Sambracos and K. Rigas 22. Air market analysis and deregulation2.1 The market until deregulationThe appearance of air transport in Greece, begins before the second World War,growing steadily through its first years (with the exception of the war years), mainlydue to Greece's geographical discontinuity (islands) and poor land connection toseveral cities. Air transport services were provided by a single operator up until 1947when competition develops with the entry of three more operators in...

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