Airbus Planning Essay

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Airbus Planning
Airbus is a big well known company in the aviation industry. One of its biggest qualities is the ethical principles, the codes of ethics they practice and the clean reputation they hold. To begin with, it is important to highlight the exceptional quality of its strong integrity and safety culture. Both inside and outside the company environment. The most important codes of ethics are to maintain strong commitment, trust, responsibility, respect, honesty and fairness to the people both inside and outside the company. Also, to make sure that everyone is satisfied with all the services provided. Another important quality is how trustworthy Airbus Company is for stakeholders and investors. In Fact, it does not only treat with the best quality their customers and employees but they also review all internal and external suggestions in order to improve any issue that affects the people involved.
However, airbus has been involved in several rumors not very ethical. For example, in the article “Illegal Subsidy Backs Airbus” George Landrith mentions “World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a preliminary ruling that according to media reports held that European governments have provided billions of dollars in illegal subsidies to Airbus in an attempt to steal market share and U.S. jobs away from America-based Boeing.” In other words, airbus has been cheating for what they called a launch aid by the European government since 1970 to steal the United States “Boeing” jobs. Another rumor stated by George Landrith the President of the Frontiers of Freedom Institute says that:
“The Air Force has been trying to replace its aged aerial refueling tanker fleet (the average age of the aircraft is almost fifty years) for more than a decade. In the last attempt at a competition — between Boeing and Airbus — when the Air Force evaluated the tanker bids, it became clear it wanted to give the contract to Airbus even though the Airbus tanker failed to meet the stated requirements and was more costly to purchase and maintain.”(George Landrith)

This rumor is actually harmful for Airbus. It has not only positioned the company’s reputation in jeopardy and it has a very strong negative impact between not only the company and most important the costumers. Basically, what this quote is implying is that money is being spent in order to buy costumers and eliminate Boeing and other competitive companies out of the way.
The combination of all this rumors, place the airbus ethical ethics in doubt and make everyone in the aviation industry wonder if they really meet all the requirements and codes of ethics of the industry and the one they had established not only for them but also for their customers and other companies they are competing with.
Overall this problem, Airbus has a big involvement and responsibility with society. One of the most important is Airbus Corporate Foundation designed to help protect the environment like youth development, humanitarian and...

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