Aircraft Ice Protection System: Description And Operation

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(With reference to A330 Aircraft as shown above)

1. WING ANTI-ICING – using hot air bleed from pneumatic systems (red color)
2. ENGINE ANTI-ICING – using hot air bleed from engine HP compressor (red color)
3. PROBE HEATING – electrically controlled heating applied to Pitot, Static and TAT probes
4. WINDOW HEATING – electrically controlled heating on cockpit windows


The Wing Anti-ice protection system is designed normally for flight operation only, and during icing condition when needed hot air is supplied by the pneumatic system to the four outboard slats to raise the temperature. Bleed air is supplied to each wing through two Wing Anti Ice (WAI) valves on each wing side left and right.

The hot air is sprayed thru piccolo tubes on the leading edges and exhausted overboard.

This Wing anti-icing is controlled by the crew using a push-button selector in the cockpit control panel turning ON or OFF position. Cockpit indications will be available to the crew when it is available and also when it is faulty.



The engine anti-icing is not ON all the time on ground or inflight conditions. Engine air intake ice protection protects the engine during operation in ambient icing or snowy conditions. Hot air bled from high pressure compressor example from third stage is used to heat the air intake lip. Hot air is supplied through an engine air intake anti-ice valve.

The system is turn ON when needed using the individual engine push-button switch for engine anti-ice control ON or OFF position. Indications will be available to the crew whenever the engine anti ice is working or faulty.



All the air data probes used for feedback information are critical to the aircraft systems. Ice protection of the static ports, Angle Of Attack (AOA) sensors, pitot and Total Air Temperature (TAT) probes is achieved by electrical heating.

In A330 aircraft, three Probe Heat Computers (PHCs) control the heating elements. Probe
heating system is automatically or manually controlled. In case of severe icing conditions on ground, automatic operation can be overridden with the PROBE/WINDOW HEAT P/BSW. It will be automatically ON when the aircraft is inflight conditions or when engine is running.

Indications to the crew will be available if there is a fault on any of these probes heating so that they will do appropriate action in any abnormal flight conditions.



In large aircraft, the front windows called the windshield is anti-ice which means preventing ice formation while the side windows are heated for defogging or demisting. Ice protection for windshield and demisting for windows is electrically achieved. In A330 aircraft, two independent Window Heat Computers (WHCs), one...

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