Airline Agencies, Crm,Erp,Scm: Review Of Databases Created.

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Introduction.Summary of Report.Organizations are cornered into being highly competitive. Currently to be competitive the ability to predict future circumstances and trends grows highly important (Competitive Advantage, 2004). The environment changes, climates change, technology changes and market characteristics become difficult to predict (Competitive Advantage, 2004). Certain improvements using information technology are needed for Caribbean Destinations (CD) (Brandy and Monk, 2004). To buy a chain of travel agencies may be inappropriate as one will be more than enough (Brandy and Monk, 2004).Database information output.Advantages of using a database for decision making.The database has some solid fundamentals that it provides the airline. Firstly the operational sector of Caribbean Destinations (CD) (Brandy and Monk, 2004). In report one, section one shows a weekly schedule so that the operational manager is able to contact pilots or other staff, such as flight attendants so that sufficient staff is on each flight (Brandy and Monk, 2004). However these schedules are limited to what they can offer as an employee may be sick, injured or unable to work (Hagg, Cummings and McCubbrey, pg 8, 2004). Therefore this will not assist the operational manager as the database does not record when employees are available because of family, friends or other work (Hagg, Cummings and McCubbrey, pg 8, 2004). Consequently the operational manager may have to call most of the employees to see who is available for a specific time.With strategic management or a manager, which involves organisation, with overall direction and guidance, the database is a subjective measure as the goals of the business may be to provide cheaper flights, make a large income for shareholders or simply to make a successful business. Interestingly enough this specific database does not account for such objectives (Hagg, Cummings and McCubbrey, pg 8, 2004). Therefore most of the strategic manager's work would be completed without use of a database or possibly a computer. The tactical management team expand the goals and strategies outlined by strategic management (Hagg, Cummings and McCubbrey, pg 8, 2004). This is not supported to a great extent with use of the database or possibly a simple computer software package (Netsuite, 2005).Description of how the Airline/travel agency could reduce costs and manage risk.Report four shows and calculates the gross profit for each flight so that the management team knows weather to cancel specific flights as they become a liability to the company or increase specific flights as they prove to be assets. Such destinations will be based upon demand these include questions such as; Are all the seats in the flight booked? And is there insufficient seats? If all seats are booked how many passengers board the flight? Those three questions are important as they are linked to provide the tactical management team with vital information for decision making (Hagg,...

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