Airline Security Since 9 11 Essay

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On September 11, 2001, New York City faced its worse day in history, when the ?Twin Towers? collapsed; due to terrorist attacks. On this day four airplanes were strategically hijacked, by groups of Middle Eastern Muslims, and two of the four, suicidally, dove into each of the two World Trade Centers, 1 & 2. This tragedy sent airline security ?through the roof?. There were, and still are, guards everywhere and people were, at first, terrified to get onto an airplane.Many people wandered, up to this date, if it is safe to fly. In my opinion, the risk of any given flight?s being hijacked is statistically tiny, of course, but there is no way to completely eliminate it. The reason for this is following the September 11 attacks, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) instituted an unprecedented number of new security measures that agency officials say will make it safer to fly on commercial airlines in the United States(1). But despite these measures?many of which were mandated by the new Aviation Security Act approved in November?officials say they cannot offer the public a blanket guarantee of safety(2). There are simply too many airports and commercial flights in the United States to ensure that determined terrorists willing to die will not find a way to use an aircraft in a future attack, the officials say. The good news is that new, more rigorous safeguards are being instituted at airports and airlines every day. Both federal officials and consumer advocacy groups are encouraging the public not to be afraid to fly.The Aviation Security Act, which President Bush signed into law on November 19, takes six major steps, which will increase airline safety since September 11. The six steps are as follows: 1. It creates a new Transportation Security Administration within the Department of Transportation. This agency is responsible for the security of all modes of transportation, including aviation, rail, bus, and commercial shipping, as well as ports(3).2. It requires that all checked bags be screened for bombs and explosives by January 2002. Previously, less than 10 percent of checked bags were screened by bomb detection systems(3).3. It also requires that within one year, all security at U.S. airports be handled by federal employees and that all screeners be English-speaking U.S. citizens(3).4. It creates a new system that will allow passenger names to be checked against law enforcement "watch lists" to identify potential terrorists(3).5. As for changes in the skies, it calls for an increase in the number of sky marshals aboard planes, fortified cockpit doors that must remain locked during flights, and mandatory training for flight crews about how to handle a hijacking(3).6. It allows pilots to carry guns, if given permission by their airline and the new aviation security agency(3).Beyond what?s required in the new law, several things are different at airports, recently. Such things are, the government has imposed other aviation safeguards,...

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