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Airline Technology: The Technologies That Can Help Creating A Competitive Advantage For Companies.(With In Text Reference)

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The use of cell phones on planes, access to the internet, 23 inch LCD screens, personal music and video iPod entertainment...the airline industry is definitely using technology to its advantage to provide customer satisfaction.For me, five years ago, air travel was synonymous with boredom and fatigue. I considered it to be a tedious task. I disliked spending long hours on a single plane journey.But today, things have drastically changed. Changing times and cut throat competition have made airlines offer better services and they are using technology to create a brand identity (Taneja, 2003).Since Connexion, a network that allows passengers to use the internet and watch TV, was introduced by Boeing in 2000, in-flight entertainment has been different ("Surfing", 2000). Phil Condit, Chairman and Chief Executive of Boeing, wants them to be the leader inthe new mobile economy. He feels that, "The airplane will begin to look like your home or office and the experience of travel will change" ("Surfing", 2000).This has indeed been in effect over the last few years. Connexion by Boeing is now available in over 70 airlines including Lufthansa Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines and Singapore Airlines ("Connexion", 2005).Other companies are also contributing in accelerating the digital revolution. "TiVo", a pioneer in home entertainment, has joined hands with Intel and made it possible for people to travel with their favourite TV shows by introducing a new feature TiVo to Go ("TiVo", 2005).Travellers can easily transfer TV shows from their TiVo sets (a box thatautomatically finds and digitally records tv programs) to portable media centers. This feature provides customers with the flexibility and control of choosing what they want to watch ("Tune In", 2005).Companies like "Inmotion Pictures" are offering a brand new service: DVD player and movie rentals at airports. They are based in major US airports and customers can rent One-way, Round-trip, Jetback (return your rental by prepaid mailer), or In Airport for just a couple of hours (Plowright, 2002).Not only are the TV needs of customers are being fulfilled but even their Music needs!Apple Computer is in negotiations with six airlines to provide in-flight integration for the iPod. This will help travellers to charge their iPods in transit and on flights (McCarthy, 2006).A deal between Electronic Arts (EA) and DTI software will now bring some of the worlds bestselling games to airlines all over the world. Jon Nierman, President of EA Asia, is delighted that "travellers can enjoy the world of EA when they are in their living room or above in the clouds" ("EA Games", 2006).Airlines are trying to stay ahead and the latest technological development is by Emirates who are soon to offer In-Flight Mobile Phone Service. Emirates has joined AeroMobile and is expected to launch this service early next year (Blau, 2006, p.1).George Cooper, CEO of OnAir says, "From the research that we've done it's clearly something that...

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