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Airport Profiling. Essay

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Airport ProfilingAre you safe from Airport profiling? Would you be upset to find out that you're targeted for special screening because of security concerns? According to the New York Times editorial, "The New Airport Profiling," in the future no one will be safe from profiling. The Transportation Security Administration has come up with the idea of a new electronic profiling system which will give the T.S.A. access to such information as records from the Department of Motor Vehicles, banks and credit-rating agencies. This information will be used to code people into three different categories. There will be those that are green, yellow or red. The people will not know what category they are in, but it will be encrypted into their boarding pass to let officials know what category they have been placed in. I disagree with this editorial. I feel that airport profiling is a good procedure. Even though profiling could invade certain privacies, I believe that it could be a blessing in disguise. Everyone has the right to feel safe in an airport and in the air, and if that means having to invade privacies, I still believe it should be done. By allowing profiling, officials will be able to apprehend more terrorists, the government will be helping our futures by keeping us safe, and it will help to weed out the terrorists of certain backgrounds. Although profiling may look like an invasion of privacy, it will be worthwhile in the future.Once the T.S.A. is able to access personal information about people, I don't see how we will have many terrorists for much longer. It seems that if they are able to know how dangerous a person really is, then they will make sure to not let that person onto their flight. Because of profiling, officials will be able to make arrests much more efficiently due to the fact that they will know exactly where the suspects are located because of their boarding passes with their designation. If terrorists try to come into the United States or be in our airports, they will surely be watched and come into contact with the security officials. It is quite unlikely that with a profiling system of this caliber, anyone would be able to get away without getting caught. I feel that with profiling we can protect ourselves and we won't even have to do anything. The T.S.A. will do it all for us.The New York Times editorial warns that a "highly intrusive federal surveillance program raises serious privacy and due process concerns," but a lot of people probably feel that this is a good solution to finding criminals. They fear a total invasion of privacy when in reality, all it will do is help the good people. They fear this situation could be dangerous due to the fact that the information obtained through the databases could very well be misused. In contrast, the TSA says, "it will not be amassing new databases, but rather mining ones already used routinely to profile consumers. The Agency says it is not interested in knowing whether you bounced a...

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