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Airport Security Is There Too Much Or To Little? Is There Need For Change? These Are The Questions I Am Going To Answer.

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Airport SecuritiesThe issue of Airport Security is looked at in many different ways. Is there too much? Is there too little? Is there a need for change? Who's responsible for leaks in Airport Security? Are Airports safe? If they are not, how can we make them safe? These are the questions I am going to answer.First I will go into the current security regulations. Air travelers are limited to one carry on bag and one personal item on all flights. All passengers need a government issued ID and boarding pass to get by security check points. Chris Woodward stated how all electronical items, such as laptops and cell phones are additionally screened along with random pat-downs. All weapons of any kind are prohibited past security checkpoints including tweezers, nail files, and disposable razors (Woodward).Now I will go into the current changes that are being examined at our airports today. One new idea is to change pre-boarding questions. Gary Stroller (B) explains how the current pre-boarding question "Has anyone unknown to you asked you to carry any item on this flight?" has its biases. Charlie Leblanc of Houston based Air Security International stated that the reason that the question is worded that way is because airlines don't want to slow down the boarding process. Former Federal Aviation Administration Security Director Billy Vincent sought to delete the "unknown" out of the question (Stroller B). The reason being for the change is in the past explosives in the form of luggage have been given to passengers from somebody for whom they did know. An example is in 1986 a young Irish woman by the name of Anne Murphy was given a bag to carry on an airplane from her boyfriend containing 3 pounds of plastic explosives. The point is explosives can be given by a stranger or your best friend.Another measure which is being looked at in Congress right now is to train pilots as federal agents. Pilots will then be permitted to carry a weapon on board. This would give pilots protection from intruders and be a deterrent to any hijacker entering the cockpit. Judy Keen explains how one type of weapon that might be used would be the stun gun which is used by over 900 police and correctional facilities. The stun gun shoots two darts at 50,000 volts at which would paralyze an intruder for 15 minutes and has a range of 21 feet. The stun guns is easy to use, the training to use a stun gun is minimal and once learned is a very effective defense. Another idea is to arm undercover marshals on board with duck-hunting bullets. Alan Levin explains the reason for using duck-hunting bullets is they shatter on impact and won't pierce an airplanes hull if fired while creating the same amount of damage to the opposition. Another innovation is the use of the internet to watch the cockpit from the ground. Cockpits then could be monitored safely and effectively.Edward Iwata explains one new innovation in airline security is the CAPS program which uses airline reservation computers to...

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