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Is our airport security safe???what happeneds if another tragety occurs like Sept.11,2000 in New York city but this time in your own hometown! and this time its all because of the lack of work our security system is cutting off? ESSAY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It has been really hard these days to trust anyone in the world completely because you cannot help but feel that your neighbor or someone you know might be planning something bad and the result will be devastating. If that is the case, we need security right? Yes. Our safety is a very important issue that has increased dramatically since the terrible incident on September 11th, which makes security in our airports increase yet at the same time they have also decreased. Are airport screeners being trained sufficient for their job? I know our security has increased yet I cannot help but wonder if airport screeners are being trained sufficient for their job? How are they not so sufficient and what can we do to improve our system of protection nation wide? Based on the article from the Los Angeles Time newspaper, in the Nation section on February 14,2005, an airport screener at the Newark Liberty International Airport failed to detect a butcher knife in a woman's' purse which basically caused the screener to lose its position and be retrained. Now, the woman was cleared and was waiting for her flight when she noticed that the butcher knife she placed about a week ago in her purse, was in side and was not noticed by the screener. Her sister, the woman who was with her at the time this took place said that she had put it in her purse "just in case" something happened in her date. The woman we found innocent and were not charged.After this incident, don't you wonder if the airport screeners are being trained with enough to notice weapons? Never the less, the butcher knife...

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1932 words - 8 pages Airport Security: Rights or Necessity Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan”(Roosevelt). Although the dates have been changed the theme is the same. September 11, 2001, the United States, was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Islamic terrorists who used American planes to attack three sites on

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1878 words - 8 pages Airport security has become a major issue within the past few years and with the advanced in technology today, we could make the security even better if the funding of the new technology for airports was not so low. After a couple major lapses in airport security it is definitely an issue that needs to be resolved. The most popular lapse of airport security is the tragedy on 9/11. With the implementation of better and more efficient security

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2017 words - 8 pages The country’s recently heightened airport security measures have become a source of controversy and debate across the Nation. Due to a recent attempted act of terrorism, where a man on an international flight to Detroit attempted to blow up the plane using a bomb, the department of homeland security has taken new measures to ensure national security in the form of new high- tech full-body scans and pat down procedures in

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531 words - 2 pages Has Airport Security Gone Too Far?            In the wake of 9/11, the once “simple things in life” required not much thought at all now they have been transformed into complicated procedures only brought about in a time of war. Traveling by air has been a very rewarding experience for most but courtesy of terrorism, it has mutated into a list of banned items, random luggage searches, and

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798 words - 3 pages The Heightening of Airport Security after September 11th Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary measures. The terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001 required that we reform our nation’s aviation security system in fundamental ways. Three years after the Sept. 11 tragedies, how far has airport and airlines come? It depends on the source. While it is important for airports to heighten security after the attacks of 9/11

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1080 words - 4 pages have a mobile lounge transport passengers and airline crew than to occupy a gate with the aircraft. The majority of transit for passengers through IAD is strictly walking or through utilization of the underground train that moves passengers from the check-in and security checkpoints to the sterile area where the gates are located. This method of transport to gate areas again maximizes revenue for the airport and airlines in the means of

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521 words - 2 pages Equate the security rules and regulations pertaining to a foreign air carrier entering a US airport to a US carrier entering a foreign airport using the ICAO rules.Foreign air carrier entering a United State airport must follow Federal Aviation Administration's regulation and security rules and when a United State carrier entering a foreign airport, they follow International Civil Aviation Organization's security rules and regulation. Each

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