Airports And Public Relations Essay

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Good public relationships today can mean huge traveler percentage tomorrow.Public relations by an airport manager are ?the management function that attempts to create goodwill for an organization and its products, services, or ideals with groups of people who can affect its present and future welfare. (Wells et al, 2004)? In simple terms, the relationship of the airport and the general public. The public can judge every aspect of the airport and the airport relies on the public for travelers. It is always important to establish a positive image as an airport, in the public?s eye. This task can be extremely overwhelming after all; aviation controversies will effect or touch the lives of a large number of people. Everyone has an opinion of airports because they do have such a great impact on our lives. The public presents numerous dilemmas to airport managers and it is his or her job to address these.According to Alexander Wells, every airport has four ?publics,? the external business public, the external general public, the internal business public and the internal employee public (Wells et al, 2004). These are the people that count, the people that fill the airports and formulate their opinions on the services provided. These crucial airport publics hold vital information that a manager needs to reflect on their work done. These groups of people are why managers don?t take shortcuts and make sure the job they are doing meets standards.The primary objectives of an airport?s public relations activities are to establish themselves as dedicated to serving the public. They need to be communicating with the external public and try to establish and build goodwill. Many airports will work with the local chambers of commerce to develop brochures in efforts to interest the local community of their contributions to the public. Other methods are used such as media, announcing various developments that the public might take interest in. In addition to the efforts to create a general awareness of the airports positive attributes, the airport must deal with specific issues. (Wells et al, 2004) The airport must answer questions pertaining to the environment. Jet pollution is a controversial issue that is going to be brought up by many people. Jets burn gallons and gallons of fuel every time their huge multiple engines start-up. These chemicals left behind fills the environment with pollution. Many will go as far as arguing the direct link to jet traffic and the ozone layer hole. As an airport manager, you must deal with the controversy that is brought up by the public as to your airports direct relations to pollution. An easy and good solution might be ?tours of the airport are given to various community groups in order for them to get a better understanding of operations (Wells et al, 2004).? At the very least present your airport as sensitive to the issue and complying within your powers to limit pollution.Jet traffic is noisy and creates a disturbance to the...

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