Airports Before And After 9/11/01 Essay

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Airports Before and After 9/11/01 There have been many points within our history, in which events have changed the way we do certain day-to-day activities. The American Revolution identified Americans and their patriotism, The Civil War showed how Americans chose to live with one another and how they define freedom, and WWI showed how Americans show support towards their allies. September 11th effected all of these things. This tragedy has effected the lives of the American people on a huge level. But also, this event has effected things that they do every day, and not their politics, stories on the news, and events in Washington. This event has changed what they think when they look at someone of a different nationality as they walk down the street, the regularity of their watching the news, and discussions in schools. Also, one of the things the 9/11 tragedy has effected, and changed forever, is the way our airlines are run.On that fateful day, terrorists used small box-cutters to threaten passengers and force their way into the plane cockpit. Since then, security guards have been on alert. More attacks are feared, and everything is being done to protect against further terrorism. In light of this, carryon items have been limited. Beforehand, most small, but intimidating objects were allowed on because no one would have thought that these would be used in such a manner. But because of these incidents, airports have strictly forbidden the following objects to be allowed on any aircraft: razors of any kind, box-cutters, and sort of pocket or pen knife, letter openers, and many...

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