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AJE GROUPHISTORYAJEGROUP is a multinational enterprise currently represented in 20 countries worldwide with its holding company in Spain. In order to strengthen bonds within all our market sectors we have gained ownership of 22 factories and 120 fulfillment centers employing over 20,000 people. Our infrastructure reaches out to more than one million retail outlets worldwide enabling us to sell over 3 billion liters of beverages including beer, sports drinks, energetic and isotonic drinks, water, various juices and tea.We are committed to producing and marketing innovative products to meet all the international quality standards whilst maintaining our highly competitive prices required by the most demanding consumers worldwide. As a result of this strategy we have managed to successfully expand in the countries we are currently operating within.With a huge Global market already in place we are planning on expanding our current position through continued growth. As a company with a "Think Big" philosophy we aim to break down barriers and maintain our ethos of working hard in order to reach our main objective and become one of the top 20 most important multinational companies in the world by 2020.CONCEPTDEMOCRATIZING CONSUMPTIONAJE bases its business model in elaborating innovative products meeting international quality standards at very competitive prices for demanding consumers, which represents most of the world population's demands nowadays. Hence, business decisions are based in producing economically accessible products to most of the population.AJE MISSIONContribute to develop society wealth by being the best-elaborated products' choice and seeking excellence from an integral perspective.AJE VISIONBeing one of the top 20 multinational enterprises by year 2020.VALUESPassion is an attitude, a needed feeling, is the intensity with which we assume our responsibilities and the internal energy that moves us.Our company was made thanks to the dedication and commitment of its employees to meet the challenges and overcome them."The greatest challenge of our company is the next challenge."Unity: We are a team created with the best of each one. The greatness of our group is the sum of the individual effort, whatever is the responsibility is equally important to achieve the higher goals of the company."Teamwork is our best tool to achieve our inner strength."Humility: we do our best, without seeking recognition, because we firmly believe that there is always a new opportunity to improve what we have achieved. We are tireless seekers of challenges, we have vision, and we seek to be leaders of excellence and comprehensive human beings in the service of society.Respect: Dialogue, reason, knowledge, friendliness, understanding and harmony between those who are part of this large family are the reasons that respect is a privileged value inAJE. We all learn from everyone, we are responsible for creating the environment in which our human potential and...

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