Akamai, Leading Provider Of Cloud Services, Offers Excellent Customer Service

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“Akamai® is the leading provider of cloud services for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere ("Akamai: Summary for," 2014).”
Akamai Technology is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. CEO: Dr. Tom Leighton has co-founded Akamai Technologies in 1998, and served as Akamai’s Chief Scientist for 14 years before becoming Chief Executive. Akamai offers an accelerated course on digital delivery. Akamai’s mission statement is, “To accelerate innovation in the hyper connected world.” While the company’s vision centers on, “Today, both at home and at work – people demand instant access to everything, everywhere on any device. Akamai makes sure technology doesn’t obstruct your ability to drive your business faster forward – to seize the opportunities created by our hyper connected world.” Akamai Technology is a company that strive to aim high weather with their employee satisfaction; customer satisfaction; innovation, “Any experience. Any device. Anywhere;” and just overall company efficiency.
There are many responsibilities that Human Resources at Akamai hold. According to Akamai, “Human resource manager is responsible for site HR management and the day-to-day operations of the Human Resource office including the implementation of HR programs and the administration of Human Resources policies and procedures. First they provide local HR support and consulting to all clients. Second, they are responsible for employment and compliance to regulatory concerns and reporting. Third, they develop local HR related policies or adapt global policies to the local regulations including documentation. Last, this department is accountable for overall areas, such as: performance management, planning, staffing, employee relations, communications, training and development, compensation and benefits, safety and wellness, employee surveys.
Performance Management:
To start off, the performance management department at Akamai technology varies in duties. They use appropriate metrics for tracing performance and cautiously alternating high circulated systems. They brainstorm, implement, and document better ways to modernize their procedures in reply to incidents; as well as, manage the rollout and activation of platform alterations and improvements. Performance management could range from service, pre-sale teams, developmental teams and etc.
Service Performance is the Akamai group with end-to-end responsibility for ensuring services are performing well. Service Performance Team members work across all areas of the company such as: engineering, operations, networking, and technical services.
Next, the pre-sales teams resolve performance issues with trial customers. In addition, they respond to issues, gather and analyze data to root out errors, identify trends and prevent incidents through pro-active analysis and monitoring.
Last, the developmental teams specify feature sets designed to improve performance,...

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