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As discussed in various literature, emotional labor can be described as an emotion regulation which creates publicly observable facial and bodily expressions. As we know, the personality of the teachers, especially with the elementary school student, are closely related to training and education. It is very vital for the teachers to be emotionally stable as it affects the learning behavior, techniques, and other important aspects of education. According to "Global Management Review" by Mittal and Shreshth (2011), they define emotional labor as "a suppression of emotions as a part of his/her work". They also argue that the individual and organizational outcomes are closely related with the emotions in that particular work place. One of the interesting findings of the study was that the good support from the supervisors helps in reducing the burnout, while good peer support increases the burnout symptoms. The study also points out that the females are more attached to their work as compared to females (Mittal & Shreshth, 2011).
According to their research, the researchers found out that emotional labor is significantly related to emotional exhaustion. Surface acting, when trying to feel or show the emotion not actually felt but is necessary for to perform job can lead to stress.

We humans are learning day by day. The formal education system has come a long way when it comes to prepare young adults to get into the workforce. Although we teach our kids most of the "performance techniques", we often hear that people are not happy at their job which they work hard to get to (Mastracci, Newman, & Guy, 2010). There could be various reasons behind it, but to exclude emotional exhaustion would not be a good approach. Careers in law enforcement, medial service, teachers, domestic violence, and other service industries, which provides person-to-person service are much related to human subjects. Hence, the need for the training is very vital in those areas (Mastracci, Newman, & Guy, 2010).
The authors claim that in terms of producing positive exchange between citizen and state, emotional labor skills are as important is not more important than cognitive skills ((Mastracci, Newman, & Guy, 2010). The need for emotional labor is ever growing. There are various positive that can be generated through the proper training in emotional labor. For long we have been focusing in the science of teaching, which is basically focusing on the cognitive skills, it is the demand of the time to focus on actual art of teaching (actual emotion work) so that both art and science combined together can generate more favorable outcome.

According to the work of Philipp and Schupbach (2010), emotional labor plays an important role for the health of the teachers. According to...