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Al Barret Essay

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Science 9F Blake M.Series and parallel circuits LabPart A: Series




The bulb will light up pretty bright



The 2 bulbs will be a little dimmer because they don't have as much power

Not as strong


The 3 bulbs will be even dimmer

Less strong

3, 1 unscrewed

The whole circuit will shut off because there will be nowhere else for the current to pass

The whole circuit shut off

Part B: Parallel




They will both light up

They both lit up


They will all light up but a bit dimmer

They lit up but ...view middle of the document...

Parallel Circuit - The brightness of the bulbs doesn't change because each bulb in on its separate path thus getting the same power as the others. There is no added resistance.3. Series Circuit - The circuit shut off because there is only one path for the current to go through and when the light bulb is unscrewed the circuit breaks.Parallel - Only the one light bulb shut off because each bulb has its separate path on a parallel circuit making it so one light bulb being unscrewed doesn't affect the others.4. Series Circuit - If you kept adding light bulbs to a series circuit they would keep getting dimmer and dimmer because there wouldn't be enough voltage to keep each of them lit up on the same path.Parallel Circuit - Nothing would change except that the battery would die very quickly as it would be powering all of those bulbs with the same charge.5. Series Circuit - Turing a light switch on to turn a light bulb on at your home could act as a series circuit.Parallel Circuit - Christmas lights are connected in parallel so that the string remains lit even if there's a burnt out bulb.6. Series Circuit - Advantage: Uses up fewer materialsDisadvantage: If the path breaks the whole circuit breaks.Parallel Circuit - Advantage: If one path breaks it doesn't affect any other part of the circuit.Disadvantage: It uses up more materials than a series circuit.Part D:

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