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Infamous Gangsters: Al Capone Essay

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He may not be the president of the United States, the CEO of a company, or even the governor of Illinois, but Al Capone was without a doubt the leader of the Chicago area. A man of loyalty, brutality, and business, he wasn’t someone to recon with. In the 1920’s and still today, Al Capone is one of the most well known gangsters in history. He is known for his evasive way from the law, Alcatraz, and his brute honesty.
Baptized as Alphonsus, which is Latin for the Italian Alfonso and English equivalent to Alphonse, was born to Gabriel and Theresa (Alphonse Capone). Also known as Scarface, he was the fourth of nine children, and quit school in the sixth grade (Britannica School) at the age of fourteen (Chicago History Museum). Capone’s parents immigrated to the United States six years before Al was born (January 17th 1899) from Castellammare di Stabia, which is sixteen miles from Naples, Italy (Alphonse Capone).
In 1918 Capone met an Irish girl named Mary or “Mae” Coughlin at a dance, and on December 4th 1918. At the age of 19, Mae and Capone had a son. They named him Albert “Sonny” Francis. Soon after that they married, December 30th of that year (Chicago History Museum).
As a child in Brooklyn he worked many jobs and later on, gave back to the people. He worked as a pin-boy in a bowling ally. Picking up the pins after people have knocked them down. He was a candy store clerk in a local candy store. Capone also worked as a cutter in a bookbindery. As he progressed in life and the stock market crashed he was the first to open soup kitchens. Al ordered food and clothing to the needy people in his town, at his own expense, when poverty grew greater (Chicago History Museum). In Baltimore, he worked as a real businessman and as a bookkeeper. Later on in his life he was a “railroad buff, music aficionado, boxing fan, and family man still revered by those closest to him” (McQuigg, Jackson).
His life was short but eventful for sure. Eight days after his 48th birthday he passed away (Alphonse Capone). Not from syphilis that he got on January 21st, or even from pneumonia on January 24th, but from cardiac arrest on January 25th 1947. When he died, it was in Palm Island in Florida (Britannica School). At the age of 48, his remains were sent back to Chicago by car for burial (McQigg, Jackson).
1926, Capone was arrested for killing 3 people; he only spent one night in jail because of insufficient evidence. The night of April 27th 1929, a gunman killed a young prospector named William McSwiggin by some Irish bootleggers while he was talking to Capone. Press and politicians said Capone or his forces made the killing, but Capone denied. By March of 1929 President Hoover ordered John Edgar Hoover, FBI director, to put Capone away for good. By May 16th 1929 he finally got his first prison sentence for carrying a .38 caliber in his overcoat when he was pulled over while in a car (McQuigg, Jackson). Charged with disorderly conduct, while working for Yale, (Chicago...

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