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Al Capone Essay

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The Rise of Gangsters & Al Capone Prohibition was a good thought, but no one knew it would be impossible to enforce. The eighteenth amendment, passed in 1919, lead to the growth of organized crime. The Gangsters intended to take full advantage of the money making opportunities that prohibition offered. The most innovative were Johnny Torrio, Lucky Luciano, and Alphonse Capone. The three began as a Street gang in Brooklyn. Torrio was the leader. Eventually Luciano went his own way. Torrio moved to Chicago in 1909 to help run a giant Brothel business, and in 1920 Capone joined him. Capone became Torrio's right hand man. The two made a fortune on the illegal brewing, distilling and distribution of beer and liquor. In 1925 Capone became the boss man when Torrio was wounded in an assassination attempt. Torrio retired and went back to New York. Al Capone was born in 1899 by immigrants. He dropped out of school when he was eleven. That's when he met Torrio and the gang, but anyway Capone ruled organized crime in Chicago from 1925 through 1931. Capone developed a fierce reputation as a ruthless competitor for rights to the alcohol distribution in Chicago. Rival Gangs were eliminated and the Suburb of Cicero was Capone's kingdom. The Saint Valentines Day Massacre on February 14, 1929 is regarded as the most violent episode in the Chicago gang era. Seven Members of Bugs Moran's mob were shot with machine guns against a garage wall. Rival gang members posing as police shot them. Most of the evidence pointed to Capone's mob, even though he was in Florida at the time. The true identity of the killers will probably never be revealed. The Bureau's investigation of Capone came about from his reluctance to appear before a Grand Jury on March 12, of 1929. Capone's lawyers asked for a...

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Al Capone Essay

1116 words - 5 pages Al Capone, America’s most prominent Mafia figure in the 1920’s, also known as “Scarface” for a scar running down his left cheek. Capone didn’t hide in the shadows like most figures in such a shady occupation. He didn’t shy away from the camera, more like he welcomed it, and aimed to be seen by the public as a respectable businessman and a pillar of the community. Surprisingly, Capone wasn’t from a distinctly poor community, his father earned a

Al Capone Essay

1706 words - 7 pages Al Capone is America's best known gangster and the single greatest symbol of the collapse of law and order in the United States during the 1920s Prohibition era. Capone had a leading role in the illegal activities that lent Chicago its reputation as a lawless city.Capone was born on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. Baptized "Alphonsus Capone," he grew up in a rough neighborhood and was a member of two "kid gangs," the Brooklyn Rippers

Al Capone

1489 words - 6 pages Alphonse "SCARFACE" Capone Born in New York City, in 1899, by parents Gabriel and Teresa Capone, Alphonse Capone was blessed with a historical blend of ruthless gangster in his blood. Al Capone's parents immigrated to the United States in 1893, from Naples, Italy. Al Capone came from a huge family. He was the fourth oldest of nine children. At birth, Capone's parents never would have believed that their son, Alphonse Capone, would grow up

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893 words - 4 pages - Kobler, John. Capone: the Life and World of Al Capone. New York: Da Capo Press, 1992.- Bergreen, Laurence. Capone: the Man and the Era. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1994.Al Capone was possibly the largest and most feared mafia boss America has ever seen. This 1920's gangster made his mark on the world through organized crime during the Prohibition era. He is solely attributed with Chicago's reputation as a lawless city.Alphonsus Capone was

Al Capone

1293 words - 5 pages into the dangerous life of crime. They did not display sociopath or psychotic personalities; they were not crazy. They were a law-abiding, unremarkable Italian-American family with conventional patterns of behavior and frustrations. They displayed no special genius for crime. Family Parents-Gabriele and Teresina Capone Brothers-Vincenzo (James), Raffaele (Ralph), Salvatore (Frank), Alphonse (Al). Home-The Capone’s lived in a cold-water tenement

Al Capone

2119 words - 8 pages Al Capone I: Al Capone was born in New York City in 1899. His father, Gabriel and his wife, Teresa, came to America in 1894. They brought their two kids, Vincenzo, and Raffaele. In 1895 their third son was born, who they named Salvatore. II: The Capone family was nice and quit, Gabriel never hit the kids, he just "preached" to them and they'd listen. "...nothing about the Capone family was inherently disturbed, violent, or

Al Capone

2643 words - 11 pages Al Capone is one of the most recognized names in American history. Capone ran the City of Chicago with illegal activities. He appeared many times on newspapers all over the country. Every one of us has heard of Al Capone, but most of us don’t k now the story behind him. What made him to be the most feared gangster in the city of Chicago? How did this kid from a rough neighborhood and no money grow up to have $60,000,000? I’ve always been

Al Capone - 927 words

927 words - 4 pages Al Capone was an essential player during the prohibition era and is largely responsible for the growth of organized crime (mafia). Involving himself with mob leaders and eventually moving up the chain of power himself, he ruled the majority of business associated with crime in Chicago during the 1920s. Without prohibition, Al Capone would not have been as successful of a business leader as he was. And without Al Capone, prohibition wouldn't have

Al Capone - 3414 words

3414 words - 14 pages Al Capone One of the most common qualities of a gangster from Capone's era was that the gangsters were from Italy. This was not true for Al Capone. He was strictly a domestic gangster. Capone's father, Gabriele Capone, came to America in 1894 along with his pregnant wife Teresina Capone. Gabriele and Teresina Capone settled in Brooklyn, New York. Teresina's fourth son and the first to be born and conceived in the New World

Al Capone - 683 words

683 words - 3 pages Here's the life in the eyes of a famous gangster. Alphonse Capone, or better known as Al Capone, is the worlds' most famous gangster. Al Capone was merciless, rich, successful and powerful.Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in Italy in a town called Naples. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Al's family emigrated from Italy in 1893. Al had five brothers and three sisters. His five brothers were Vincen the 30th, Ralph, Salvatore, Amadeo

Al Capone - 3262 words

3262 words - 13 pages 'dry' period, Chicago and it's people (including its police officers, politicians and judges), rebelled against the prohibition amendment (Lanesco,1968).Al Capone who had arrived in Chicago in 1919 went to work for John Torrio. Torrio saw Capone's potential, his combination of physical strength and intelligence, and encouraged his protégé . Soon Capone was helping Torrio manage his bootlegging business (Koebler,1993). By mid-1922

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2223 words - 9 pages Al Capone was an infamous gangster with well known ties to organized crime. His Chicago Outfit was long suspected in many criminal activities, including bootlegging, prostitution, gambling, and murder. Yet Capone was careful to sufficiently distance himself from the criminal activity that made him wildly wealthy so that authorities were never able to gather sufficient evidence to prosecute Capone for his illegal activities. The man who grew up

Al Capone Essay 1690 Words

1690 words - 7 pages Al Capone was the son of two poor Italian immigrants, which at that time in history meant you didn't matter, so he had to find guidance with the only people that took an interest in him but unfourtnally for him it was some of the biggest mob leaders in New York. Even with that kind of influence hard to believe that a once soft spoken, intelligent kid from a good family would grow up to run a major city with blood, bullets, and booze. First

Al Capone Essay

1492 words - 6 pages . Capone was an illiterate. He came from a poor neighborhood in Brooklyn, so education was not a priority.At about the age of eleven Capone became a member of a juvenile gang in his neighborhood. Al Capone's philosophy was that laws only applied to people who had enough money to live by them. The name of the gang Capone became a member of was called the "Bim Booms" gang. In this gang, Capone was taught how to defend himself with a knife, and with a

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1405 words - 6 pages Al Capone was a child from an Italian immigrant family, And was one of the most famous Mafia leader in the world during the Prohibition Era in Chicago. Also he was known as "Scarface," Al capone was sent to Alcatraz Prison in Philadelphia in 1931 from a tax evasion conviction. Al Capone had a personal fortune estimated at $100 million and was responsible for countless murders, His most famous one was the St.Valentine’s Day Massacre. Al Capone