Al Capone Personal Narrative Essay

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Some call me an evil man for the violence and crime that occurs as a result of the organization I run. The truth is, prohibition has caused the trouble. When I sell liquor, it's called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, it's called hospitality. (Quotes) You see, I grew up in the tough streets of Brooklyn where crime was a way of life. If you were weak you'd be beat, mugged and left for the bums to steal your clothes just for walking down the street alone. I learned from an early age that the only way to survive was to partake in the crime. My mother never approved of me being a criminal; she wanted me to go to school and get an education on top of the three jobs I worked at age fourteen. (History) But I was just good at being a criminal; I knew how to manipulate people to get what I wanted. School never did anything except waste my valuable time when I could be out making money off scams so I dropped out to take up a full time education in the ways of the streets.My first gang was the Brooklyn Rippers. (Capone) It was a suitable name for a bunch of wannabe gangster kids ripping off the local candy shop and bowling alley. Seeing that I worked at the bowling alley as a pin boy and a clerk at the candy shop I figured I could benefit greatly from the Rippers. (History) In no time I was making twice as much dough from the scams as I was from my legit jobs. The Rippers were small time and by the time I was eighteen I was hungry for a bigger slice of the dough to be made in Brooklyn. That's when I met Frankie Yale, the boss of the notorious Five Points gang.Frankie owned the Harvard Inn, where I spent a lot of time and money on drinks and women. (Capone) One night I was at bar having my usual whiskey on the rocks when I see this broad I was having regular relations with. She walked in with a big smile on her face, giggling, her arms locked with this big gorilla-looking guy. I might have had too much to drink that night but it seemed like she was laughing at me like I'm some kind of loser. I was infuriated instantly. Nobody laughs at me like that. I got up and yelled, "You fuckin' whore!." The gorilla-looking fella dropped her arm, his face red with rage, grabbed a beer bottle. My reaction was slowed with the alcohol, all I could do was close my eyes, while he struck me right on my head. I blacked out simultaneously with the blow. The bottle left a nice sized scar on my face, and from that night on I was nicknamed "Scarface." (History) I woke up in a cushioned leather chair that appeared to be in some kind of office. Frankie was sitting behind an antique oak desk talking on the telephone. When he saw I had awakened he got off the phone and asked me, "What the hell were you thinking calling a patron a whore right in front of her brother." I replied "Her brother? I thought he was her date." Frankie laughed it off and told me he had taken care of it, so now I owe him one. He had heard of my reputation as a criminal and offered me the...

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1036 words - 5 pages got one haircut per month, and took showers twice a week. They wore also given recreational hours out in the courtyard. Many dangerous men wore inside of Alcatraz. Al Capone was a famous inmate of Alcatraz. Al Capone was a master at manipulating his environment at the federal prison in Atlanta, and tats what got him into Alcatraz. He started to pimp his prostitutes before he even hit puberty. He was born and raised in the harsh streets of Brooklyn


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2203 words - 9 pages ” known as the Genovese Family (Sifakis 101-104). When people think of the Mafia, the first person they symbolize it with is Al Capone. However, he was a unique character that did not follow many of the philosophies of his New York brethren. Making Chicago his home base, Capone climbed up the levels of the crime industry in the Prohibition era of the 1920s. Like Masseria in New York, Capone soon had a monopoly of the crime in Chicago

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