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Al Jazeera And Cnn Essay

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The issues that accompany the differences of not-profit and profit media outlets have developed exponentially in the last decade, in which profit media has become more concentrated and there has been an increasing need for not-profit media outlets, such as Al Jazeera. The Cable News Network (CNN) is a profit media giant based out of the United States and has been a leader in domestic and international news since it’s creation in 19801. Al Jazeera is a not-profit media outlet that has provided an unbiased opinion and has been recognized on an international level in the recent years following their reports on Osama Bin Laden in 20012. Al Jazeera has challenged the CNN because it has juxtaposed itself with the few media conglomerates that have monopolized the market and they have highlighted the profit media outlets tendency to “emphasize or ignore stories to serve their corporate purpose” 3. This essay will unpack the issues that accompany the journalistic trends and what drives these trends in both the non-profit media outlet Al Jazeera and the profit media outlet CNN. It will discuss the issues that an emphasis on profits have on the public sphere and overall agenda of a profit media outlet in contrast with the concerns and goals that accompany a non-profit media outlet, specifically Al Jazeera.
The experience, from finding, watching, and analyzing the content, of Al Jazeera is very different than that of CNN. When first searching for Al Jazeera content their website, that is free of any outside advertising, is the first return that is discovered. The headlines at the top of the website consist of human rights issues and investigations, the common headline “entertainment”, that is present on almost every profit media conglomerate, is absent. Al Jazeera presents many programs that provide in depth analysis on controversial stories that provide a scope of opinions on issues behind the common headlines. Watching Al Jazeera’s “Inside Story: Is it Time to End the Global War on Drugs?” is a completely engaging experience as it a fluid programming that is not interrupted by any advertisements or sponsorships. The debate on the issue presented in this program takes an extremely worldly stance taking experts from Washington, London, Lisbon, and Portugal in order to represent visions across a global scale. The host of the debate made a conscious and obvious effort to bring in different sides of the argument in order to ensure all views were represented. At one point in the program he says he “would like to bring in Manuel because he is on the other side of the argument.” This shows that not only are both sides of a debate represented but they are represented cross-culturally which ensures a global un bias stance on a worldly issue. The debate also presented, not only opinions, but facts were constantly running across the bottom of the screen while each specialist was stating their views. The experience of watching this Inside Story presented by Al...

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